Runes of Mayhem: Traps


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Runes of Mayhem: Traps
Runes of Mayhem: Traps
Runes of Mayhem: Traps

Whose land are we on?

This expansion contains the following new cards:

     King Sweyn Forkbeard
     Spike Trap
     Fire Trap
     Smoke Trap

The Vikings are taking on more and more kingdoms, and it is not an easy
feat to ambush them because they are always careful and they lay traps
to stop the Anglo-Saxons.

With this expansion, the Vikings can lay traps on the Anglo-Saxon
player’s side of the battlefield. With these traps, the Vikings can
break the momentum of the Anglo-Saxons’ attack, or threaten them and
cross their plans. Of course, sometimes just the pretense of a trap is
enough to frighten the enemy.

Game Mechanism: The Viking player once per turn for gold may place one
trap card chosen by him face down to an empty spot on the Anglo-Saxon
player’s side of the battlefield. If an Anglo-Saxon unit is placed or
moves on a trap, the player reveals the trap card and it may damage the
unit depending on the strength of the trap, or if it is only a bait, the
Viking player gets the gold back.

Deceive your opponents, and control their actions, so they will move
whenever and however you want to.

  • Players: 2
  • Ages: 16+
  • Length: 20-40 min

  • Publisher: Marzo Projects
  • Designer: Márton Orbán, Simon Zoltán
  • Art: Gergely Nagy, Balázs Bodnár

  • Page count: Base game:  10 (double-sided)    base+Expansion: 24 page
  • (double-sided)
  • Components: cards, tokens, lane-markers
  • Additional components needed: two D6 dice

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