Shields Up!

Concrete Canoe Games

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Shields Up!
Shields Up!
Shields Up!

In Shields Up players race to destroy the opponents shields and ship. Captains take 2 actions each turn, choosing to either draw or play cards. Assemble sets of cards in order to activate weapons and other equipment.

As captain of your ship you can place any card face down as a shield. A ship can have up to 3 shield cards. Destroy your opponent’s shield and do at least 1 additional damage to destroy their ship and win the battle!


  • Players: 2
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 10-20 minutes  


  • Publisher: Concrete Canoe Games LLC
  • Designer: Patrick McNeil
  • Art: N/A


  • Page count: 8 Pages
  • Components: None
  • Additional components needed: None


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