Skulls of Sedlec: Crown of Bones

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Skulls of Sedlec: Crown of Bones
Skulls of Sedlec: Crown of Bones
Skulls of Sedlec: Crown of Bones
Skulls of Sedlec: Crown of Bones

Alone, you enter the ossuary. Your head bows instinctively before the Crown of Bones, a formidable relic of enduring construction. But that’s not all this hall holds. Altars, sconces, crucifixes: some of the most symbolic and resonant icons of bone occupy the room. You must find a way to replicate them all in order to consider yourself a true master.

Crown of Bones builds on the solo play mode found in Monstrance, introducing 6 new Features to construct as well as 6 new scoring patterns to incorporate. Players will choose 1 of each randomly at setup to guide their gameplay. Crown of Bones is playable without Monstrance but the scoring condition side of the cards will require the skulls from the expansions. If you think you’ve mastered Skulls of Sedlec, step forward and claim your Crown.

One side of the cards requires the Skulls of Sedlec expansions, the other side is playable with the base game and/or any expansions. 


  • Players: Solo mode for Skulls of Sedlec 
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length:  15-30 Minutes


  • Publisher: Button Shy Games
  • Designer: Dustin Dobson
  • Artist: Marty Cobb


  • Page count: 4
  • Components: 6 cards rules
  • Additional components needed: None
  • Misc: Full bleed

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