Skulls of Sedlec: Executioners

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Skulls of Sedlec: Executioners
Skulls of Sedlec: Executioners

In life, the Executioner's duty was to protect society by by delivering the death sentence of the condemned. In death, Executioners wish to be surrounded by their handiwork, the abundant skulls of Criminals that they undid. 

This 6-card expansion to Skulls of Sedlec adds a new type of skull: The deadly Executioner. Punish your opponents and score big by attaching Executioners to groups of Criminals. Adding in the expansion is easy, just shuffle in the expansion cards to the base game and play. Works with solo play and can also add a new 4th player.


  • Players: 1-4
  • Ages: 8+
  • Length:  20 Minutes


  • Publisher: Button Shy Games
  • Designer: Dustin Dobson
  • Artist: Marty Cobb


  • Page count: 3
  • Components: 6 cards, rules
  • Additional components needed: None
  • Misc: Full bleed

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