Squire for Hire: Mystic Runes (Core Set 2)

Jon Merchant Games

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Squire for Hire: Mystic Runes (Core Set 2)
Squire for Hire: Mystic Runes (Core Set 2)
Mystic Runes is an 18-card, tile-laying inventory management game for 1-2 players that takes about 15-20 min to play. It can also be combined with the Squire for Hire core set for a 3-4 player experience.

Squire for Hire: Mystic Runes is a standalone game compatible with Squire for Hire that sees your squire assist on quests through treacherous mountains, in hopes of finding the fabled mystic runes

Continue to efficiently pack your bag space with loot, reduce junk, and collect the most valuable bag for the hero you serve. Discovering Runes will allow you to manipulate items and cards in order to ensure a high scoring bag.

"Squire for Hire: Mystic Runes doesn’t reinvent the original, and in no way did it have to. What remains still works great, but the little addition of the runes adds some sparkle to an already fun little game.” - Gameosity

“It’s a great puzzle, I have played this 3-4 times solo and loved it to pieces... I got nothing but love for Squire for Hire: Mystic Runes.” - Rahdo, Rahdo Runs Through


  • Players: 1-2
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 20 minutes


  • Publisher: Jon Merchant Games
  • Designer: Jon Merchant
  • Art: Jon Merchant


  • Page count: 5
  • Components: 4 Squire cards, 14 Loot cards, 4 quest cards, 6 encounter  cards, 4 dungeon cards
  • Additional components needed: N/A
  • Notes: Full bleeds with crop marks

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