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Temple Punks
Temple Punks
Temple Punks
Temple Punks
Temple Punks

Temple Punks is a solitaire tabletop roleplaying roll&write game. You're a punk sent to delve into the abandoned underground ruins of an ancient city. 

Throw 2 white six-sided dice and 2 black six-sided dice : you must now assign these to either your character actions, gathering ressources or moving the monsters that roam the ancient grounds. You control every aspect of play and must prepare your character by gathering enough ressource to be able to defeat these monsters, unless a special event card forces monsters to move!

At around 20-30 minutes of gameplay, Temple Punks aims to create an enticing solitaire experience with multiple possible gameplays with its character creation system offering a wide variety of abilities and play style. 

This project was backed through kickstarter and thus contains the campaign mode instructions and additional content for lengthier and more dangerous sessions.

What You Get

​Base Game : 

Zine - A 20 page pdf zine with the rules of the game as well as 6 playable character classes, 6 playable companions, a list of spells and the campaign mode rules.

Character Sheet - A pdf Character Sheet where you will gather resources and place dice to take certain actions

Maps - 1 pdf maps. The game is played by moving around your character and your companion within different rooms of an underground, ruined temple, all the while trying to avoid monsters.- 
​Campaign Game : ​

Additional maps - 2 pdf maps. You can now delve deeper into the ruins where you'll encounter less artifacts and a new small expansion : Hazards. 
Boss Lair - A pdf special boss lair.

Caravan Sheet - A pdf sheet of the Punks’ Caravan, a special new phase of the campaign game unlocked on the kickstarter.

What you need to play (not included)

Your own set of 4 dice ( of two different colors, we call them white dice and black dice ), a pencil or dry-erase marker and a set of poker sized playing cards.


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 20-45 Minutes


  • Publisher: Ritual Cuts
  • Designer: Vincent Fugère
  • Art: Vincent Fugère


  • Page count: 26
  • Components: Base Game : 1 20 page pdf, 1 character sheet, 1 dungeon board / Campaign mode : 2 more dungeon maps, 1 caravan board and 1 boss lair
  • Additional components needed: 2 white dice, 2 black dice, pencil and deck of poker cards

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