The Grand Carnival

Uproarious Games

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The Grand Carnival
The Grand Carnival
The Grand Carnival
The Grand Carnival
The Grand Carnival

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up - the carnival is coming to town! In The Grand Carnival, players compete to create the most impressive carnival this town has ever seen. You'll need to carefully plan your carnival's layout, build attractions, hire staff, and manage the crowds, all while learning a few tricks of the trade.

The Grand Carnival is an action-selection, tile and polyomino placement game with some unique twists. While individual turns are quick and accessible for new players, the overall strategy is deep and rewarding for even the most seasoned gamer. Find out why The Grand Carnival was selected by Zee Garcia of the Dice Tower as his 2020 Game of the Year!


  • Players: 1-4
  • Ages: 12+
  • Length: 45-60 Minutes


  • Publisher: Uproarious Games
  • Designer: Rob Cramer
  • Art: Ryan Goldsberry


  • Page count: 39
  • Components: 4 Player boards, 2 Railyard boards, 84 Foundation tiles, 52 Attraction tiles, 55 Ticket tokens, 14 Tricks-of-the-Trade cards, 12 scoresheet pads, Rulebook
  • Additional components needed: 32 Player tokens in 4 colors (8 in each color), 30 Visitor tokens in 1 color, 8 Barker tokens in 1 color, First Player marker, Round marker

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