Thru the Appalachian

Patrick Engro

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Thru the Appalachian
Thru the Appalachian
Thru the Appalachian

Thru the Appalachian is a roll & write game about thru-hiking the United States’ most famous trail. It can be a difficult but life-changing journey. How will you write your story?

Players will be competing to have the most enjoyable trek on the Appalachian Trail, gaining victory points by completing sections of the trail, taking photos, logging journal entries, and collecting stamps.


  • Players: 1-99
  • Ages: 10+  
  • Length: 20-30 minutes  


  • Designer: Patrick Engro
  • Artists: Masayoshi Ninomiya & Patrick Engro
  • Publisher: Engro Games


  • Page Count: 11
  • Components: 6 Page Rulebook 8 Advanced Objective Cards 8 Solo Objective Cards 2 Reference Cards Additional
  • Components Needed: 6 Dice *Online dice simulator available at

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