Tortuga 1667


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Tortuga 1667
Tortuga 1667
Tortuga 1667

Tortuga 1667 is a pirate game of mutiny, plunder, & deceit for 2-9 players. Each player holds a secret loyalty to the British or French and is trying to have the most treasure in their team's holds before the Spanish Armada arrives. Use vote cards to attack the galleon for treasure, mutiny against selfish captains, or brawl against your fellow pirates. Reveal event cards such as the Letter of Marque, Black Spot, or Albatross to maroon your enemies and to help your friends. But be careful about who you decide to help - not all pirates claiming to share your loyalty can be trusted!

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  • Players: 2-9
  • Ages: 13+
  • Length: 20-40 minutes


  • Publisher: Facade Games
  • Designer: Travis Hancock
  • Art: Sarah Keele, Holly Hancock


  • Page count: 10 pages (front and back)
  • Components: Paper
  • Additional components needed: Optional to have physical pieces of 9 pawns, 6 "treasure chests', 1 "explosion token"

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