Twin Stars: Adventure Series II

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Twin Stars: Adventure Series II
Twin Stars: Adventure Series II
Twin Stars: Adventure Series II
Twin Stars: Adventure Series II

We are back with a second series of Twin Stars. The first time around we (hopefully) escaped the brig, confined the quarks, ruled the word, stole the plans, stopped the virus, and hunted the bounty. 

Now we are going to dig a little deeper into this Pocket Universe.  We'll risk our lives once again, but have a little fun along the way. 

In Twin Stars II you will:

  •  Master The Trials - learn the ways of the light while avoiding the dark.
  •  Beat The Odds - play the Triple Pyramids and try to win big.
  •  Control The Skies - take down waves of enemies with your targeting system.
  •  Sell The Junk - keep an eye on the market and time your sales to earn serious credits.
  •  Destroy The Order - pull some strings, rewrite the rules, and get elected into office.
  •  Serve The Rabble - try to balance your customers' drink orders before they brawl. 

This new group of 6 scenarios and 12 characters makes for 396 unique combinations and tons of solo replayability. If you combine it with Series I, the possibilities are (almost!) endless. 


  • Players: 1
  • Ages: 10+
  • Length: 30 minutes


  • Publisher: Button Shy Games
  • Designer: Jason Tagmire & Mike Mullins
  • Art: Luke Milton


  • Page count: 9
  • Components: 18 Cards
  • Additional components needed: 2-4 six sided dice, 10-20 coins or wooden cubes

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