Welcome Aboard, Captain

CC Chamberlin

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Welcome Aboard, Captain
Welcome Aboard, Captain
Welcome Aboard, Captain
Welcome Aboard, Captain

Welcome Aboard, Captain is an epic solitaire RPG where you take the role of a starship captain. Recruit a crew of bridge officers, outfit your ship, and take on procedurally-generated missions across the galaxy for the Alliance!

The game comes with three ""choose your own adventure"" style adventures. ""Charon Wormhole"" teaches you the basics of the game in a tense mystery involving a deadly threat to a starbase. ""Charybdis Nebula"" serves as an introduction to some of the important species in the galaxy. And ""The Cetus Response"" is an annotated example of using the procedural generator for future adventures.

To play, you only need to print the rosters document, containing the one-page crew roster, the one-page ship record, some optional pages of handy reference information, and a pre-generated crew and ship if you don't want to create your own. Everything else – the adventures and the 130-page rules document with setting information and lots of content for the mission generator – is all usable on your device.

Featuring the same 2x2 mechanics that made ""Dungeon Hero"", ""AdvanceQuest"", and ""Fable on Your Table"" popular, ""Welcome Aboard, Captain"" has powerful, flexible, and evocative character and ship creation with a wide variety of options available for your crew.

This verson of the rules includes the advanced rules expansion for excursion vehicles, companion NPCs, vignette storylines, and nemesis villains.

  • Players: 1 
  • Ages: 13+
  • Length: Ongoing campaign RPG
  • Publisher: CC Chamberlin
  • Designer: CC Chamberlin
  • Art: CC Chamberlin
    • Page count: 327
    • Components: Rules-1-13.pdf - The rules, setting, and generators for the game. Rosters-1-13.pdf - Printable rosters. Charon-Wormhole-v-1-12.pdf - Introductory adventure. Cetus-Response-1-12.pdf - Example of using mission generator. Charybdis-Nebula-1-11.pdf - Full adventure. print-version-v-1-11.pdf - Access to print-on-demand version.
    • Additional components needed: Paper and pencil. Polyhedral dice (d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, preferably four sets), printed roster sheets

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