New Games for April 1, 2022 - Roving Web Arcs

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

        • ARC: A Game About The End
        • ROVE: Expansion Collection (Kickstarter Preview)
        • WEB: A Game About Connections

        ARC: A Game About the End


        A coliseum fighter rises to glory before falling to an opponent’s blade in the ring. A struggling portside town becomes a thriving hub of commerce before being absorbed by a nearby metropolis. A centuries old Redwood tree lives out its final days in solitude. What Subject will you follow and how will the passage of time lead to its transformative end?


        A narrative game of storytelling, this one is both cooperative and yet at the same time there’s space for disagreement which can lead to interesting resolutions. One of the more interesting aspects is an agreed-up span of time for the Subject, and decision points will move time forward 1-3 Clicks - which you’ll agree upon how much time that actually represents when setting up the scene. After 10 clicks, you’ll have reached the end. At those decision points, the group votes based on what the characters want. Majority agreement consumes the most time, and offers some twists that the next player will add into the mix. Depending on how the votes are cast will guide you on the resolution and the time elapsed, carrying the story forward.


        WEB: A Game About Connections


        The Sword of Dorb exposes the corrupt nature of the Artificer’s Guild. Diego the Bear dreads the sounds emanating from the Land of Metal Beasts. The now lost nation of Ulm owed its power to the idea of Democracy. What people, places, and ideas will you discover and what kind of world will their relationship define?


        A similar experience to the above, but the experience focuses instead on building a web of connections. Develop nodes, which are the who or what of your web, and expand connections through weaving and storytelling with your friends. Develop the relationships between your nodes, explaining the how and the why. In the end, you’ll have a fun little diagram showing how these things were all interconnected across the story you and your friends told together. If you like experiential storytelling games, you won’t want to skip this one!


        ROVE Expansion Collection

        (On Kickstarter now at

        The aliens have taken a liking to you.They’ve offered to make a few augmentations to your programming in exchange for helping them out every now and then.


        A trio of expansion packs to expand your ROVE experience. The Alien Activities expansion adds 6 new cards that introduce a new effect to make movement cards copy a specific module’s movement type, shaking up the way you approach your strategy in the game. The Cosmic Crisis expansion provides an anti-movement card which you can use if specific modules are empty…and a new twist with Crisis cards that require you to complete them with a single movement card or else lose instantly. Icy Incidents rounds out the collection with yet more interesting restrictions, freezing certain modules when they appear so that you cannot move them with regular movement cards while they are frozen. Also of note, each expansion comes with an Endurance Mode to challenge your skills as a ROVE master. 


        Pick up all the new games here:


         Game of the Week: Rove (Free for this week only)


        As a ROVE (Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer) you’re used to surveying the fringes of space, but now you’ve crash-landed on an unfamiliar planet. You’ll need to reconfigure your reusable modules to get to safety.


        Brought to you by the designer of Skulls of Sedlec (a great little game), this one is sure to provide even more spatial puzzle delight. In it you are trying to fulfill seven missions to win, and to do that you play movement cards to shift the modules around on the board and trying to get them into the correct pattern to complete the current mission. That sounds easy, but it is far more challenging than you’d think since there are different ways to move, based on the card played. Plus there’s a way to get extra movement if you match the pattern shown when playing the card - encouraging you to plan ahead and try to line things up for a spectacular move. Add in some one-time abilities on each module and you’ve got a recipe for fun.

        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!



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