New Games for April 21st, 2023 - Troll Wiles and Wits in the Mine Estate

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Mine Your Business
  • Four Against Darkness: Ways of Wiles and Wits
  • Dungeon Pages: Drok, Adventurous Troll

Mine Your Business

The whole mountain holds riches and wealth, all that a gnome could ever desire! However, it seems that another nosy gnome has discovered this great opportunity, as well. The challenge has been set: at the end of the day, the owner of the largest pile of treasure gets to stake this claim as their own! Who will take the winnings? Can you shape the spoils to your advantage? Grab your tools, throw some coal into that ol’ cart, and mine your business!

A fun little game for 1-2 players where you’re manipulating a grid of cards in order to get things to line up for you to gather and score resources. The problem, of course, is that your opponent is trying to do the same thing for their side, and inevitably they are going to meddle in ways you don’t want them to meddle. This is one of those that can become absolutely cutthroat in approach if you really want to ruin their plans, or it can be almost tranquil where you actively seek alternative paths to avoid messing with what the other player is doing. That’s the beauty of a game like this, allowing you to cater the play toward your own preference of interaction.


Four Against Darkness: Ways of Wiles and Wits

You Haven’t Played This Before This supplement for Four Against Darkness features several short missions — outside-the-box, narrative, epic, tragic or comedic — for all levels and over 18 non-violent ways to interact with encounters. Leave your sword home… or not! This book also includes guidelines to reskin the mini-adventures for different narrative purposes, to bring your Four Against Darkness games into unexpected directions. This book requires only the core Four Against Darkness book, but it has plenty of optional interactions with many other titles in the line.

This is a fun little supplement! For those wanting the meat, you get new classes with a Centaur and a Farmer. You get introduced to Conundrums, which present a new way to approach problems beyond the typical hacking and slashing affair. But the real star of this would be the missions included in here, which vary in size and scope. Want to try them all? There’s an optional flow chart to guide you through that. Want to have them play out in a sensible fashion? There’s a flow chart for that, too! And let’s be honest, you’re as curious as I am to try out adventures with names like Pigs of the Prudish Princess and Courtship of Cretins.


Dungeon Pages: Drok, Adventurous Troll

When Trolls go adventuring it’s almost always a solitary journey, so who’s to say if Drok’s grand tales are to be believed? Not that anyone would be willing to question this warrior’s word to his face!

If you ever wanted to tromp around as a troll, exacting revenge on hornets, then this week’s page is for you! The cool ability for the troll triggers with every Wandering Monsters phase (once per turn), which could potentially make him a very invaluable contributor in the game. His foe comes in the form of hornets, including nests, the queen, and traps of honey. And, of course, you want to manage those hornets because they can, and will, swarm when fighting the queen at the end of it all. Don’t miss out on yet another excellent installment for the year!


Game of the Week: Roll Estate on sale for just $2!

Roll Estate is a love letter to the classics, where you’ll roll and write your way to wealth in a race to become the richest entrepreneur! Roll the dice three times to acquire loads of rental property, open bold new businesses, try your luck with some risky investments, and perhaps even win the lottery! Can you turn five dice into cool cash?

When you think classic, what comes to mind? If the answer wasn’t Roll Estate, it will be after you play this one. Capitalizing on the popularity of roll-and-writes isn’t a bad thing, right? This game has a definite classic feel while also being fresh, fun, and challenging to players. The best thing is that it can be played alone, or with up to 5 others, and has several options for score sheets. With a relatively small rulebook, you’ll be up and rolling in no time! 

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