New Games for April 28th, 2023 - Busking Bards in the Tiny Magic Sword War

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Tiny Cold War
  • The Magic Sword
  • Dungeon Pages: Krete & Kreeg, Questing Bards in Belgor Mountain

Tiny Cold War

The Cold War has paused the world. Tensions are high between two superpowers, each looming and waiting to pounce should the other make the wrong move. In this game, you are the leader of one of these two superpowers, and all you have is your strategy and instincts to help protect and lead your nation to glory. Can you outwit your opponent and come out on top?

The fate of your nation rests in your hands. The game takes place in 18 rounds that retrace 18 real events during the cold war. Each event is represented by a card that describes the details of the event.

A solitaire game experience that is certain to evoke memories of a long-time popular board game for two, this game has you managing various levels across 15-18 turns in order to not only survive the Cold War, but to also come out victorious by the end. This one is sure to take up only a small amount of table space, and comes with a printer-friendly option for those who like to save a little ink in the process of crafting their games. Trying to balance what you’re gaining/losing in relation to the opposition is going to feel like treading the edge of a sharp knife, so good luck in coming out victorious!


The Magic Sword

King Robert’s grand castle has been invaded by the sorcerer Calamar and his army of Goblis. You, brave adventurer, are in charge of the noble mission of rescuing Princess Odete and recovering the castle taken over by Calamar. Take the magic sword that is locked in the castle tower and, for the right price, the merchant will give you the key or you can take it by force. Forward adventurer, Princess Odete calls for you bravery.

The adventure itself is relatively straightforward: traverse the maze, gain the key, grab the sword, and defeat the sorcerer. In execution, there’s a lot of openness to how you approach this, as you’re building the map slowly, and you can even avoid getting the sword altogether if you want to press your luck and face the boss at a disadvantage. Certainly a fun way to pass some time, with replay coming from the changing map and a trio of characters to try. It even comes with a tuckbox you can craft, which is always helpful for storing your games.


Dungeon Pages: Krete & Kreeg, Questing Bards in Belgor Mountain

The brothers are quite charismatic, but they can’t quite go undercover, so the Elders assign them the straightforward missions. Sometimes it’s their song, othertimes it’s a sword, but they always get the job done. Well, except for that one time…

Venture into the Belgor Mountain with this charismatic duo! Fend off ravens, frozen orcs, and the formidable twin griffins as you explore the different areas. Those orcs are an interesting enemy, as they will remove one of your die when you’re down to just one left in the area, making it a greater challenge as you wipe them off the board. And as you’d expect with a pair of characters, there’s a few dual/double references to be found, including their special: Two of a Kind. Not only that, you need to have doubles in order to mark spaces adjacent to the boss. If you enjoy this game, you’ll continue to be pleased with this weekly installment.


Game of the Week: Big Easy Busking on sale for $7!

New Orleans, The Big Easy, is known for many things: Creole cuisine, a unique dialect, annual celebrations and festivals, and its distinctive music.

Do you have what it takes to travel to the birthplace of Jazz, show off your skills, and be named King or Queen of the Buskers?

Big Easy Busking is a competitive area control game about playing music, matching the mood of the crowd, and knowing when to push your band members to their max.

If you have ever wanted to be a musician but had no time, or talent, to do so then this game could be your wish fulfillment. Here you are controlling a small group of street musicians, known as Buskers, who play songs for various crowds. Choosing what song to play, when to learn a new song for your repertoire, and where to play your songs are all important decisions you’ll get to make. Striking the right balance will allow you to leave more area control cubes on that particular crowd, maximizing your payout. With a vibrant, color art style and an interesting twist on area control, this game is one that should delight game groups. Like all fantastic titles from Weird Giraffe Games, this one also comes with a solo mode that shouldn’t be missed.

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