New Games for May 5th, 2023 - Brash Points of Nessie Liberation

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Naturopolis: Nessie Expansion
  • Naturopolis: Points of Interest
  • Dungeon Pages: Zafinn, Brash Wizard in Thatchwood

Naturopolis: Nessie Expansion

Isolated in the wilds for ages, Nessie will wreak havoc if her surroundings aren’t perfect.

The nice thing about small expansions like this one is how easy they are to integrate into the gameplay. In this case, your one card gets shuffled in after setup but before your first turn, and when Nessie comes out she must be placed and no other cards can go over any part of her card. Sounds easy, right? Well, then you need to account for her scoring impact, which will boost your score if you happen to get all the rivers lined up into her card before the end of the game. Guess what happens if you don’t: she will cost you points!


Naturopolis: Points of Interest

Let the majestic landmarks and natural wonders catch your interest,

Are you like me and typically see scores falling short of what you need to win in the -opolis line of games? Well then, this is the perfect expansion for you as there’s no negative impact for failure, only a potential for positives. Plus you’ll start the game with the card out, so there’s no chance of it being the bottom and ruining your scoring potential. Like Nessie, it is fairly simple because you’re trying to make a grouping around the Point of Interest of your choice, encouraging you to place a certain zone type nearby for additional points. Easy and painless, unless so many of my game’s scores.


Dungeon Pages: Zafinn, Brash Wizard in Thatchwood

Who covered the guests in ooze slime at the Elder Winter Ball? Who infested the Elder archives with multi-colored squirrels? Who enchanted the rival school headmaster with a sneezing curse? Only the entire countryside knows.

A delightful new map to play on, Thatchwood might just boast the largest of bosses so far. Not only does this set of exploration points give you an enemy that hurts you for rolling doubles, but the boss gets nastier if you trigger any of the slew of traps around him. After all, it makes sense that a Rockslide would make your odds of defeating a Dire Golem a little more…dire? The hero in here is a blast to play, too, as you’ll especially enjoy unlocking his Scroll of Plenty along the way. More Dungeon Pages fun this week, and I’m sure you are just as excited as I am to dive into this one!


Game of the Week: Liberation on sale for just $2!

For hundreds of generations, the tyrannical Intercosmic Dynasty has ruled the galaxy with a titanium fist. Their power and reach is spreading, but so is word of their misdeeds. A band of resistance fighters known as the Liberation has begun striking at the Dynasty from a hidden base. Will you help the Liberation gain enough support before their secret base is discovered, or will you wield the awesome power of the Dynasty to hunt down these traitors and bring them to heel?

If you have played Star Wars: Rebellion, then some of what this game accomplished will feel like familiar territory. One player will be the plucky Liberation “heroes”, whose hidden base of operation needs to remain hidden for three cycles of the deck. But hope is not lost for the Dynasty, as they have the might of superior firepower on their side while venturing out across the 4-card galaxy. Each action card in the game corresponds to a location on the map, providing information to the Dynasty player about where the base could be (via elimination of that location as a possibility). Each card contains a different ability for each side, meaning you might want to hold onto this card just a little longer so the deck shuffles without it getting back in for your opponent to draw later. This is truly a cat-and-mouse game with a strong ebb and flow of emotions regardless of which side you happen to be on. If you are seeking a great way to pass time with one other player, this is a game you should consider adding to your collection.

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