New Games for May 12th, 2023 - Valiant Racing, Harsh Quests

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Quests Over Coffee: Quest
  • Fast Cap Racing

  • Dungeon Pages: Haros, Valiant Monk

Quests Over Coffee: Quest

On your way home from completing a perilous 3-Star Quest, a stranger approaches you with the opportunity to participate in a 4-Star Quest. Having never attempted one before, there is much meticulous planning and harrowing danger to overcome. But the treasure. Oh, the treasure. Its very promise stokes the fire in your questing hearts!

Enjoy Quests Over Coffee, but overwhelmed by the ever-growing list of expansion content to integrate into the game? Look no further, as this is a 3-card spin-off that is sure to delight! You’re going on a quest, and to do that you’re rolling dice. Lots of dice. And from those dice you’re trying to use 3 abilities in order to lock down all four of your objectives. Fast, easy-to-play, and fun…you’ll probably be able to get a game of this in while you’re coffee is still brewing and set 


Fast Cap Racing

Fast cap racing is a simple and fun race game, in which you compete with other players flicking customized crown caps.

Fast, flicking fun awaits you in Fast Cap Racing. You’ll literally be flicking your vehicle along the course - you can design your own, or follow the guided patterns provided - to race to be the first to cross the finish line. With cards like boosts, sabotages, and penalties, you’ll be able to speed up your own car and/or slow down the competition along the way toward victory. If you enjoy games that are almost certain to evoke laughter from the players, then you should fire up your flicking engines and check out this game.


Dungeon Pages: Haros, Valiant Monk

Haros joined the Elder Training School as the youngest Strix to become a page. Now he has adapted his natural skills of flight and mesmerizing gaze as part of his combat training, making him a fierce opponent.

We’ve had some pretty cool abilities in Dungeon Pages this year, but I think this one takes the crown for my favorite, allowing you to start partway into a Dungeon. Of course, a character with that ability would certainly have a blend of environments to capitalize upon - and some to hinder - that neat trick. The enemies are really tricky, with the Horror Cultists dealing you damage whenever you take an item, and with the big boss, Grim Dragon, removing dice from your pool as spaces adjacent to it are marked. The town of Alglen might just be one you want to move through as quickly as possible in order to leave it behind you.


Game of the Week: Harsh Shadows on sale for $3!

When you saw the code words Project Nightshade come across your desk, you insisted on the assignment… You were instantly reminded of the shadow operative who had slipped through the fingers of some of The Rigel Group’s best agents. Now it’s your chance to catch this criminal before it’s too late. As a master agent of the elite global task force, The Rigel Group, you expertly hunt down cunning spies and deadly double agents. You’ll need to use your wits, local intel and tools of the trade to lure the spy into your trap. Just be sure you’re the predator, and not the prey! This isn’t just any spy; one false move could end your mission… permanently.

Gather clues, chase the spy, and land an accusation that sticks to win. A fun little solo game where you move around a grid of cards, gather clue cards to spend on evidence, try to ditch the red herring, and make your way to the spy’s location in order to accuse them. Have the right evidence and no red herring? You win! Have the wrong evidence, including that red herring, and you lose. If you ever wanted to play Clue solo, or just like spy movies in general, this is definitely a game you won’t want to miss checking out!

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!s

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