New Games for August 13, 2021 - Cursed Irontales

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

        • 6x6 Tales
        • The Cursed Castle
        • Oneironaut

        The Cursed Castle

        Lead a party of bounty hunters as they explore the Cursed Castle. Combine dice manipulation with clever management of resources to destroy the undead horde that dwells inside. Find the innermost chamber and face the final foe - the One who started it all.

        Is a castle crawl a legit thing? Well, it is now. This one will feel like a dangerous dungeon crawl as you seek to explore the castle and defeat the boss. Enemies will harry you along the way, sapping your resolve as you battle time and again against increasingly more difficult challenges that culminate in the epic boss battle. There’s ample dice manipulation present, and it has the clever use of both colored spaces and dice allocation - in combat, one of the dice rolled will go to the enemy and deal you damage of a certain color so planning out the best use for your rolls isn’t always as easy as taking what is best for you. Besides, you need certain colored cubes, too, to drop the damage on them...


        Ahiag needs your help. The dream world is in danger. Yurupari’s influence is out of control, and the nightmares he brings poison man’s mind with hatred, fear and ignorance. Ahiag alone is no match for the power of Yurupari, the Sun’s envoy. Therefore, the shapeshifter protective spirit gave his blessing to form his soldiers - the Oneironauts - and sent them through the world of dreams to counter Yurupari’s sinister influence and claim control over the Oneiric Domains. Only then will humanity be able to free itself from the shadows that corrupt our discernment and return to live in harmony with the essence of the world. Are you ready to accept Ahiag’s call and immerse yourself in this dreamlike journey against evil and darkness?

        A game that tests the idea about being able to play an RPG anywhere, at any time. Yes, friends, this one takes place while you are sleeping. You read that right. Each night you check the time, use that to determine the location and how to arrive, and sleep while trying to accomplish those dream objectives. Based on Amazonian legends, you need to find strong success in not only having vivid adventure dreams, but being able to remember them, getting enough sleep, and avoiding that snooze button like it has the plague. One thing is guaranteed: you’ve never played an RPG adventure quite like this one.


        6x6 Tales


        The King approaches you. “Welcome to our small island. We need your help, hero. Our island is terrorized by monsters, please help us…”


        A roll and draw and journal sort of game, here you’ll be making the map in a 6x6 grid of squares as your adventurer explores, levels up, faces events, and tackles enemies. I like the idea of gaining a stat bump each and every game day, allowing you to get a little stronger in needed areas without the necessary grind of slaughtering hordes of foes. No two games will be quite the same, thanks to a journal sheet you use with every play, tracking stats and location and more. The setup for this is simple, as you just need to print a few pages and you’re ready to embark upon your adventure with no real cutting or constructing of parts.

        Get all the new games here:


        Game of the Week: Agropolis - on sale for $2


        Having developed dream cities in Sprawlopolis, it's now time to set your sights on the rolling countryside, where farm, ranches, and roads intermingle master plan, as ever, seems just out of reach.

        Agropolis is a stand-alone expansion to Sprawlopolis, bringing the same card-laying, variable-scoring gameplay into a new setting: city blocks give way to orchards, wheat fields, livestock pens, and vineyards. As before, players draw three goal cards and then attempt to place cards one at a time to create a rural tableau that best satisfies those goals. New gameplay features help offset overly-powerful scoring combos and layer additional attributes onto certain types of terrain, providing even greater depth of gameplay without satisfying the original's signature elegance.

        If you ever found yourself wishing Sprawlopolis was a little less major city and a little more countryside, this game is going to fit right in your barnyard. With rules you may already know but with a look that is a little more evocative of the countryside, us Midwesterners are going to enjoy this retheming of a great title. However, it isn’t just the look of the cards that are different here. No, there’s an additional “optional” rule of a Feed Fee to consider, based on the scoring cards that are used. All of them have some animals along the bottom, and some scoring cards can have you need additional points to win based on the animals represented on the cards. For those who truly love to lose (because Sprawlopolis was already impossible to win often anyway, right?), you can possibly give yourself a higher score to hit in order to secure victory. After all, life on the farm is not for the faint of heart.


        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!




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