New Games for August 20, 2021 - Ordeal of the Corvette Decathlon

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

        • Corvette Command
        • Dicecathlon
        • Ordeal of the Magic Tower

        Ordeal of the Magic Tower


        Four young wizards-in-training. One impossibly difficult task: move through the six ever-changing levels of the Magic Tower in Sphilix’s Sorcery School, master your cantrips, and craft your magic wand! Will you become a full fledged mage, or succumb to the dangers that the Archmages have in store for you? There is only one way to know… accept the challenge, and survive the Ordeal of the Magic Tower!


        If you follow the call of a mage, this adventure is sure to resonate with you. All party members are either apprentice mages or henchmen for said apprentice mages, and at the end of the adventure any surviving apprentices become 1st level wizards and henchmen become 1st level fighters. Here you’ll craft your own wand and then fight the way to the top of the tower - something that reminds me an awful lot of some fun quests in Dragon Age: Origins when I played it years and years ago on my PS3. Answer the call to channel your inner mage and embark on this fun Four Against Darkness adventure!


        Corvette Command


        It is May 1941 and the Battle of the Atlantic is reaching a critical point. The Royal Canadian Navy has extended its convoy cover eastwards and the Royal Navy has pushed their cover west so that convoys are now escorted the whole way across the Atlantic. The escorts are waiting for the arrival of shipborne radar and spotting surfaced U-Boats and keeping station on convoys in the dark and poor visibility is still reliant on the lookouts. Ship to ship communications is also via signal lamps and flags and occasionally by loud hailer. The game ends on 31st May 1943.

        Seek and destroy U-Boats in this solitaire excursion. There are some really interesting things going on in this game, including a table to roll upon for resolution of a lot of aspects in the game. If you enjoy games where you chart your actions, plan ahead with a need to adapt, and like chucking some dice and consulting tables for resolution - well, this game is sure to strike for you. It reminds me in concept of the The Hunters series of games put out by GMT Games, and if those have ever called your name, this is sure to be a much easier point of entry to try your hand at the style of game.



        A competitive dice-based event for 2-4 players.

        The Olympics may be over, but their spirit can live on with the Dicecathlon. A combination of events that may involve dice rolling, dice flicking, balancing, and other fun and unique ways of employing dice. Of the three cards, two of them will be active and will determine the 10 events you will be playing in order to see who gets the most wins for points. If you want a nice, light-hearted game of fun to pass the time with your group that is sure to get some laughs along the way, don’t miss this one. It’ll be a really portable, easy-to-craft game to have at the ready!


        Pick up all the new games here:


        Game of the Week: A Rusty Throne


        King Alric is mad, everyone knows that; a rusty mind on a rusty throne. As the heir to Prydon's northern highlands, the troubles of court are far away for you until the King has your father executed for a treason he didn't commit. Pledging to end his reign, you march to war. The other Lords of the land stand with the King for now; no matter, you will take their castles by force. The King has more men, more resources and more power, but you have friends at court, spies who can influence the King's military decisions. Perhaps that will be enough, if the flames of heaven will it.


        This one I’ve played and really, really enjoyed. If you like diceless combat, simple yet challenging AI opponents, and “dudes on a map” area control, then this one has a ton of promise for you. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of wargames, or new to them as a whole genre, this should be a very accessible title to try out while offering plenty of depth for experienced players. If you’ve never tried a wargame with a CDG (Card-driven game) mechanic, you’re in for a treat. If you enjoy how it functions here, I can give some great next-step recommendations (such as Watergate!).


        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!




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