New Games for August 27, 2021 - Barbarian Lantern Bomb

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

        • All Is Bomb
        • Barbarian Prince
        • Four Against Darkness: Lanterns Issue 2

        Four Against Darkness: Lanterns Issue 2


        Fans of Four Against Darkness rejoice at the return of the 4AD-specific zine filled with adventures, campaigns, lore, and so much more. If you can’t get enough of this excellent game system, there is no reason to ever run out of new stuff to play. You won’t want to miss this one, which features the Horned Owlbear, several great adventures, and the Mists of Warunor campaign to explore for levels 1-4, using just the core book and Fiendish Foes.


        All is Bomb


        The princess is sleeping. You, the royal servant, must prepare the perfect breakfast for her before she wakes up, which is difficult, because everything is a bomb. You must consult the prophets about what kind of breakfast she wants (before they explode) - you must prepare the desired dish (before it explodes) - and serve it to the princess the moment she opens her eyes (and explodes) (everything explodes) (this is inevitable).


        If you like small, portable solo games (or cooperative with two) such as Palm Island, this one is certainly one to take note of. Even if this brand of humor would normally be uninteresting to you, rest assured there is plenty of game in here to enjoy as you cycle the deck, trying to get a prophecy played so you know which breakfast you need to ignite and play when you ignite that princess. Because, of course, everything will explode. Are we in a Mission Impossible scene? 


        Barbarian Prince


        Barbarian Prince is a solitaire game of heroic adventure in a forgotten age of barbarism and sorcery. No opponent is necessary, as the Event Booklet takes you through a pre-programmed sequence of encounters which is different each time you play the game. For each event, you, as the Barbarian Prince Cal Arath, must make the decisions which will make your quest successful - or may cost you your life.


        An older game getting some love, this one was revolutionary at the time for being a game without rules to read. That’s right, you could open the box and start playing this game. It’s gotten redesigns from the famed solo PNP designer: Todd Sanders. If you want a taste of an older adventure for solo players, complete with a map to move around on and tables to roll upon, then this one is certainly worth a look. It provides a nice crunchy, enjoyable narrative experience that I have come to really enjoy.


        Pick up all the new games here:


        Game of the Week: Legends of Dsyx: Lockpicks on sale for just $1


        You have evaded the gauntlet of traps and entered the Gold Dragon’s secret hold. How much can you pilfer before his acolytes arrive?


        When I hear the Legends of Dsyx discussed, there is one title that almost universally is praised as being brilliant above the rest. That game, my friends, is Lockpicks. You’ll be pressing your luck with more than just the rolls, balancing the desire to get more treasure with the need to avoid detection. Stay too long and you WILL be caught. Leave too soon and, well, are you really a winner if you barely have enough loot to brag about?


        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!




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