New Games for August 25th, 2023 - The Trickster Sleuths and the Chest of Reckoning

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Welcome to Reckoning
  • Iron Chest
  • Dungeon Pages: Marian, Trickster Spirit at Mammoth Lake

Welcome to Reckoning

The recent discovery of a substance called “Dust” has proven apocalyptic for the residents of the small mining town called Reckoning. Dust allows warping of time, but also has disastrous side effects. Most of the town has now succumbed to the corruption. Only your small posse is left. You need to score a winning poker hand (to buy a ticket on the Wagon out of town). However, spectral forces, tentacles from the deep, and raging fires are not going to make this task easy. Can you escape Reckoning?

There are few things I love more in a solo game than one where you have to avoid multiple paths to losing, while striving for the one to victory. This has three unique ways in which things can come to an end while you’re trying to ward off tentacles, keep the town from completely burning down, and collecting a poker hand needed in order to ride on out of town. There’s a lot of micro decisions to make along the way, making this an incredibly fun, deep, and replayable game experience.


Iron Chest

Iron Chest is the largest expansion for Iron Helm and it packs a punch in terms of content. You will need the base game of Iron Helm to use this expansion. So what do you get? The Spire of Zogar, The Lonely Troll Inn, Beasts & Burdens, Realms & Relics, Random Encounters, and Card Dividers.

If you enjoy Iron Helm as much as I do, this is about as essential of an addition as you can find. Not only does this come with the final quest, including a really big baddie to face down, but there’s a bunch of other extras in the form of more mini-expansions. Add encounters between dungeon levels, stronger loot possibilities, afflictions you can suffer to add a challenge, henchmen to help carry the load, stronger enemies, mini-bosses, and more. Let’s not forget the most important thing, either: dividers. Those who like to keep their game organized will love this, as it makes things a little easier to grab and integrate into your Iron Helm experience. Dust off your gear, adventurers, and prepare to set foot once more into the dungeon.


Dungeon Pages: Marian, Trickster Spirit at Mammoth Lake

Marian might be an exchange student on temporary leave from the netherworld, but that hasn’t stopped her from playing pranks on her classmates and professors!

I love the ability of Marian, which allows you to choose which map you are on each turn after rolling the good dice, letting you try to optimize your turn based on the rolls. The Berserk Merfolk are a force to be reckoned with early, although they do less damage as you defeat them. The boss isn’t anything wild, but his magma surrounding his spaces will do damage and that’ll add up quickly for the unwary…especially when you realize it does more if there are unused evil dice in the pool. A very solid entry in one of my own favorite game experiences this year, it also presents a perfect time to jump in for those who haven’t tried Dungeon Pages yet as there’s still plenty to come for the year!


Game of the Week: Paper Pinball - Sorcery School Sleuths on sale for just $2!

Each turn, Roll 2 dice, then write or cross out their total in one of the scoring zones listed. Some scoring zone sets will cause an effect if you fill all of them. Effects are shown on the board, near the set.

Get in on the pinball action, no quarters needed - just grab a pair of dice and the writing utensil of your choice and you are ready to play. Each turn you are attempting to either cross out matching numbers or fill in those numbers onto various spots on the pinball machine in order to maximize your points scored. There are some Tilt modifiers you can use (once each) to add or subtract from your roll, but when you cannot use a number you lose a ball. Lose all three and its game over. If you’ve been looking for a chance to hone your Pinball Wizard skills, this is the game for you to check out, and if you enjoy fast-playing roll-and-write games this should also garner your interest as a quick experience to try out that might just keep you coming back for more as you attempt to beat your high score - just like in the good ole days.


Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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