New Games for Dec 24, 2021 - D20 Arcade Mania, Endless Polyhedral Fun

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

        • D20 Arcade Collection
        • Fastball
        • Submariner
        • Knife Fight In A Phone Booth
        • Moonfall
        • Derby Dice
        • Skirmish


        D20 Arcade is a collection of six quick dice games that were designed to utilize the D20 set of dice found in RPG games (D4, D6, D8, D10's, D12, & D20). Each of the following games are from the collection, and you can get the whole collection at a considerably discounted price as our game of the week. 


        Fastball is a quick baseball game for two to four players. You have to make risks as you decide which pitches to hit, and then race through the four bases before the other team can catch you out.


        A little press-your-luck and a little real-time excitement is what you can look forward to in Fastball. Try to exceed the pitcher’s die roll on your own d12 as the batter and then roll the d4 to try and run the bases in order before the defense catches you. Gain points based on how far you get running the bases and, possible, for what value of pitch you hit. Oh yes, this will be quite a lot of fun with some of those polyhedral dice that are commonly overlooked outside of RPG type games. This is also quick to learn so you and a friend (or three) 




        Submariner is a naval war game for two to ten players. Each player assumes the role of the captain of a submarine, who is trying to locate, and destroy, enemy ships.


        If you enjoy hidden movement in your games, you’re going to enjoy the quick-playing Submariner. Each player will have 4 ships, and your ships will be split across two numerical locations of your choosing. On your turn you pick a number 0-9, and anyone with a ship there announces it, then you roll to deal damage to a ship from each player at that location. After taking damage, ships can move one number in either direction. Destroy all of your opponents’ ships to be the victor! It is fun, plays fast, and can entertain a good sized crowd.


        Knife Fight in a Phone Booth


        Knife Fight in a Phone Booth is a fast-paced fighting game for two players. You and your opponent are fighting to the finish, whilst locked in a small, confined, British phone booth.


        Win or lose, your character is going to learn something in the process of the fight and will improve for the next battle. There’s no Superman going to barge in here to save the day, so you need to be clever in how you spend your points and the values you set for your attack. Reduce their health to 1 and you can win, getting two skill points to spend in a legacy-like element that carries over until someone has filled in 30 skill points. The loser will still get one. The clever thing here is that a weaker attack value - you get to choose your value 1-4 each turn - will attack first. AND you might just be able to turn their attacks against them.




        Moonfall is a tabletop wargame in which you take control of a collection of spaceships, and fight to destroy your opponent’s Moon and Homeworld, whilst also trying to defend your own.


        Command a fleet of three different ships as you attempt to take the opposing base down. A fast and fun skirmish game using, you guessed it, polyhedral dice to represent the values of ships. Each size ship has a rating in movement and shields, and the neatest thing is that when attacking the home base, a successful attack deals damage to the remaining health of the attacking ship. So you will want to get in those early attacks when possible, maneuvering cleverly with the very distinct and different styles of ships under your command.


        Derby Dice


        Derby Dice is a Demolition Derby style game for two to ten players, where each player assumes the role of a Demolition Derby Driver, trying to smash into their opponent’s cars to deal the most amount of damage.


        Crash your way into your opponents, changing between the four quadrants and rolling high on speed in order to lock down the damage. Fast and furious, just like a Demolition Derby, you’ll need a little luck and some clever maneuvering to escape without taking too much damage. And the victor of the game will get rewarded with more legacy points for their car, granting improvements to speed and more in future plays of the game.




        Skirmish is a fast-paced fighting game for two players. You and your opponent each control a small band of warriors and are about to fight to the finish.


        Perhaps the quickest of games within this offering, but requiring some clever choices based on imperfect information. Both players roll all dice, and keep the results secret. Then they alternate choosing an active die to enter battle, telling their opponent only how many sides are on that die - the other player chooses one of their own dice to face it and the higher value wins and both dice are removed to the winning player. Just because that d20 enters the arena doesn’t mean it can take down your pitiful d4 - choosing when to use each die is all of the fun in this little game.


        Pick up all the new games here:



        Game of the Week: D20 Arcade Bundle 


        Now if you want to get all of the above for just $7(!) grab the bundle. It includes all 6 games for a very low price. You'll be rolling dice for the rest of the holiday season. :)

        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!



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