New Games for Dec 17, 2021 - Banned Adventures of Giftbringer Rats

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

        • Adventure of D
        • Giftbringer
        • RATS: High Tea At Sea


        In a twisted reality Vikings decided to explore new lands and give presents to its people! In return they get muffins, cookies, glasses of warm, delicious milk and most importantly - the gratitude from the people! Giving presents is the best part of Christmas season after all!

        Vikings delivering Christmas cheer? What an alternative history envisioned here in this little roll-and-write game. Over the course of 10 rounds you’ll be using the dice to recruit Vikings, send them out along the path to deliver presents, and earn Christmas cheer. How you use the dice is up to you, and decisions such as which port to land at can have a massive impact from one player to another on how it all rolls out for your final score. Earning sets can lead to huge points, as certain rewards are worth more but might be harder to access. If you like a quick and easy game to play with plenty of decisions to make, plus a holiday theme, don’t miss Giftbringer.

        Adventure of D

        You gather in the main hall inside the Castle of Light. You can clearly see a deep sadness in the Great Elder’s eyes. “As you already know, Elzoof has put a curse on this island so no one can leave,” he begins. “When you travel south, somehow you will emerge at the north! Meanwhile, he sends his shadows to terrorize our land.” The old man takes a deep breath. “He stays in the Tower of Death and will claim the throne soon. With the loss of our great King, no one dares to challenge him save you heroes. I will bless you using the legendary amulet of D’Eugor so that you will be protected from lethal wounds and can interfere with events throughout the island.” The Great Elder pauses before continuing, “You have to find a way to bypass the Magic Barrier to defeat Elzoof in the Tower of Death before Elzoof can conquer the island. May God be with you.”

        Celebrate the updated edition of a print and play classic with the Adventures of D. Embark upon a fantasy quest to defeat the evil Elzoof, journeying across the land while resolving events, tests, and more on your adventure. If playing together, your companions will get to be involved in the Events that come out, and your degree of success (or failure) depends on how many of you can defeat Elzoof individually. Check out this long-standing staple in the board gaming hobby, whether it is your first time trying the game or you are a returning player who is excited about the new version. Either way, you won’t want to miss this one if you enjoy solo or cooperative gaming.


        RATS: High Tea at Sea


        A banquet on a sinking ship can’t last forever, but there’s just enough time to prove yourself the most fabulous rat abard! Each round you’ll be scavenging for supplies and competing with your honorable host in a most delightful competition of dishes and decorations - all the while forgetting that the ship is sinking beneath you!


        A delightful, fun little roll-and-write game where you’ll unveil the end scoring conditions across the game itself. Each turn one is revealed, based on a roll by the lead player. The really neat thing, though, comes from the gathering of resources and then who uses resources at the end of each round. This is almost like a party game, designed as fun for 3-6 players, but it also contains a robust 2-player variant and some extra game modes to spice it up. Only one rat will get to escape on the lifeboat, but it is up to the losing player’s coin flip to determine if the rest of the rats survive in the water or, well, don’t.


        Pick up all the new games here:



        Game of the Week: Banned Books


        It is the hope of every literary character that their tale will inspire people for generations to come. But how can people be inspired by your story if it’s on the banned books list? Your story MUST be told, and it's time for you to take matters into your own hands!

        Banned Books is a solo game featuring ousted literary characters fighting back against the Powers-That-Be to restore their books to the shelves. Each turn you will select actions that will progress your agenda track, hamper the agenda tracks of the Powers, utilize your characters unique abilities or manipulate your tableau. If you can advance your progress token quickly enough to convince 2 of the 3 Powers-That-Be to remove your book from the banned list, you win. But if the majority of the Powers advance their tokens and make up their minds first, or drain your characters stamina, you will be banished from shelves forever!

        While Liberation is my favorite 2-player game from Button Shy, this Banned Books happens to be my favorite solo title from them (yes, even more than Chain Mail!) Literary lovers like myself will delight in the assortment of major characters who all have one thing in common: their books were banned at some point. This one has some really clever action selection, and a challenging puzzle requiring careful manipulation of things to make sure you are progressing toward your goals while not letting the opponent get too far ahead. You can learn this one in about 5 minutes, play it within 15, and keep on coming back for more. Bonus points if you want to start a book club to read the books featured in the game.


        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!



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