New Games for December 15th, 2023 - Dangerous Tiramisu jams Someone's Barkeep Spies

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Dangerous Space: Preorder Open Now!

Jump into the far future where eager ship jumpers try their luck at salvaging derelict starships.

Whether you’ve joined along for the previous year’s fun with Dungeon Pages, or if this is your first plunge, there’s no better time than now to lock in Dangerous Space. Like Dungeon Pages, this will provide a weekly sheet with a character and a map to play through, letting you have access to fresh content weekly. This time around it has a sci-fi theme, as well as tech trees for the characters to allow you to upgrade your skills to suit what you need in the moment to overcome what is in front of you. You might just find that this is the best money you can spend on a solo game for your table in 2024! Preorder ends January 5th.


It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Tiramisu

  • Tape Jam

  • Someone’s Y: 3-6 Player Update

  • Dungeon Pages: Otto, Jolly Barkeep in Flooded Valley


Assemble and bake elaborate cakes to score more points than your opponents by collecting and stacking cake layers.

A clever little game of making the best use of the dice getting rolled. Each player is subject to the same rolls, but there’s freedom in how you use them to collect layers and assemble those cakes to maximize your scoring possibilities. This game can be played using coins instead of printed tokens, so you can finally make good use out of that change jar that collects dust in the closet. If you enjoy fulfilling recipes by collecting the right ingredients (in the right order), and can manage your focus across multiple cakes to assemble, then you might find yourself really enjoying a fast game or three of Tiramisu.


Tape Jam

On no! Your favorite tapes are all chewed up. Pick cards from the table and arrange them in your display to clean up the TAPE JAM and get your favorite songs back together.

Depending on your age, you may remember the joys of listening to music on a cassette tape: flipping the tape over to hear the 2nd side, rewinding or fast-forwarding to get to your favorite song, and, of course, when the tape would become an unwieldy mess and need to be respooled. This quick little game is about putting your tapes back in order, matching numbers in sequence or the same number in order to score points. The neat thing here is that not only does each card have a top and a bottom number to consider, but the ends wrap around for scoring purposes so you’ll want/need to consider that placement as well while you build out your best scoring potential.


Someone’s Y: 3-6 Player Update

Someone’s Y is a deduction word game with limited communication where players are given the role of a vowel and one player is given ‘Y’.

A clever little deduction game, with some pretty interesting rules about what you can do to gain - or withhold - information. As a word is said, if your vowel is present you can take a token…but can also opt not to take one. The person with the Y can always take a token, letting them blend in if done properly. If the players correctly vote for the player who is the Y, they can win unless the Y player can name what vowel each other player has. If the players incorrectly pick who has the Y, though, that player with the Y will win. A fast, fun little game that is sure to have people guessing and laughing the evening away.


Dungeon Pages: Otto, Jolly Barkeep in Flooded Valley

Otto’s establishment, The Rusty Wheel, keeps him quite busy, so only a good friend, a solemn pledge, could rouse the old soldier to arms. Deep down Otto has known the encroaching armies would threaten his family’s safety. Better to sweep now, then shovel later.

We’re looking at a really strong entry this week, with a tricky dungeon paired with a really fascinating character. The Dungeon has plenty of underwater trap spaces, reducing a die before marking them or you take damage. The enemies and boss trigger a special effect whenever you mark a 3, meaning you’ll want to avoid that number as much as possible. Otto has a slew of helpful abilities to trigger, from being able to attack diagonally, a relic that lets him reduce damage, one to ignore a non-boss effect trigger, and more. You’ll want to pull out every one of his stops along the way to survive the Flooded Valley.


Game of the Week: Spies on sale for just $4!

You are all spies who have infiltrated an ambassador’s mansion, each working for different countries. Accomplish missions and try to sabotage your Target’s missions to score points.

A fun game of moving through rooms, completing or sabotaging missions along the way. The player to your left is the person to try and figure out their movements. Players cannot repeat the rooms they enter previously, and can jump to any unvisited room during movement but only if they announce the room they are leaving from. You also get to ask them a question each round, to which they must honestly answer. There’s a lot of interaction in this little game, and if you enjoy deduction along with trying to remain hidden yourself, this game is sure to be a hit.


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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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