New Games for December 22nd, 2023 - Ancient Shields provide Visions of Necromancers

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Dangerous Space: Preorder Open Now!

Jump into the far future where eager ship jumpers try their luck at salvaging derelict starships.

Whether you’ve joined along for the previous year’s fun with Dungeon Pages, or if this is your first plunge, there’s no better time than now to lock in Dangerous Space. Like Dungeon Pages, this will provide a weekly sheet with a character and a map to play through, letting you have access to fresh content weekly. This time around it has a sci-fi theme, as well as tech trees for the characters to allow you to upgrade your skills to suit what you need in the moment to overcome what is in front of you. You might just find that this is the best money you can spend on a solo game for your table in 2024! Preorder ends January 5th.


It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Small-Time Heroes: Necromancer Boss Expansion

  • Converge: Aspects of Vision Expansion

  • Dungeon Pages: Croia, Former Shield Guard in Grand Library of the Empire

Small-Time Heroes: Necromancer Boss Expansion

The Necromancer has an ability to raise the dead and bring Zombies into play.

If you wanted a bigger challenge to tackle in Small-Time Heroes, then look no further. This baddie excels at doing exactly what you’ expect: bringing things back to life. Zombies are nice and easy to kill, having only 1HP each, but they have a few nuances…including that they all attack for a united slate of damage. Ouch! You’ll probably want to take them out as quickly as possible, especially since a monster with a Zombie in front of it cannot be attacked until the Zombie is dead…but watch for enemies that do bad things when you kill off zombies.


Converge: Aspects of Vision Expansion

The mercurial Creators are masters of light and sound, improvising entertaining displays to break through the gloom. Can you use these unpredictable artists to achieve your goals?

While you get a variety of factions to choose for the base game(s) of Converge, the good news is that this solo expansion will work with any combination of factions you choose. This expansion places a short timer on the game, giving you just 5 rounds to race to a higher score than the solo opponent. Use special abilities, complete the shared goals, and chart your path to a new high score in a very easy-to-use solo expansion for this excellent game. Challenge yourself with different faction combinations to see if you can overcome the competition.


Dungeon Pages: Croia, Former Shield Guard in Grand Library of the Empire

Croia was supposed to shadow her mentor for another year, before a grievous wound thrust her into the front lines. Now as the youngest student in the history of the Elder school, ‘Little Red’ is making a big impression.

Take the grand tour through the Grand Library of the Empire. Should we be a bit concerned at the Hornet swarms they have throughout this library? Between the Swarming Nests, which spawn Hornets nearby, and the Shifting Tile traps that mark more squares when you step on them, you’ll want to plan things carefully as you move in order to avoid taking any extra damage. Luckily, the heroine in this entry is one who excels at avoiding some damage when she rolls really, really low. Can you play hide and seek well enough among the shelves of the library to defeat the evil lurking there this week?


Game of the Week: Ancient Realm on sale for just $2!

Starting from humble beginnings, you must lead your civilization to greatness. Harvest, hire, build, and plan your way into the history books!

This is a great solo game from Steven Aramini of the -opolis fame. This little gem has some really interesting aspects to it that will feel slightly familiar, while also being extremely fresh. There are events that trigger, resources to track, and wonders to consider constructing. Grow and develop your expanding civilization, which happens by paying for a card and placing it next to, partially-covering, or completely-covering existing cards. The kicker is that anything you cover gets to activate its ability (except wonders, which can never be covered), adding a whole new degree of puzzle to an exciting solo design.


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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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