New Games for December 2nd, 2022 - Time Travel on the Knowtional North Pole Tour

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Dungeon Pages Kickstarter is ending soon! Dungeon Pages is a PNP only, solo tactical, roll & write game of dungeon delving and monster battling. Just $4. It's designed by Jason Greeno and Jason Tagmire and introduces a variable system with multiple characters that can be combined with any dungeon for replayability.


It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Press Tour
  • Galdor’s Grip: Knowtional Expansion
  • Time Travel Entertainment Inc.

Press Tour

The cameras are on and the microphones are hot! Grab a copy of your bestselling book or snag a press badge to take part in the media scrum. Hope you’ve memorized your talking points, because we’re going live in 3…2…1!

A fun and interesting game where one player will be the author of a bestselling book, and everyone else belongs to the press. The really fun thing is that all players, regardless of role, get to take a little time ahead of time to determine who they are, what their book/show is, and to come up with possible questions or answers as things get asked. Based on the answers given, and the roll of dice, will determine the flow through the interviewers’ sheet of questions to ask. If you like games that are unique and highly interactive between players, this one is bound to be a lot of fun for a room full of creative minds.


Galdor’s Grip: Knowtional Expansion

A Grand Telepath named Feragot has invaded the mind of Guardian Galdor in attempt to extract remnants of a forgotten ancient evil that lies dormant within him and unleash its chaos upon the world. Use your telepathic powers to enter Galdor's mind and help stop Feragot before he fulfills his treacherous scheme.

Six new cards come in this little mini-expansion, allowing you to add them in and remove other cards from the base game. This has the potential to completely alter the experience, opening up new strategies and closing off ones you might have leaned upon from the base game. I’ve always been a big fan of expansions that are easy to integrate like this, so if you’re enjoy Galdor’s Grip then you probably will want to pick this up as well to add a little spice into your sessions.


Time Travel Entertainment Inc.

The year is 2754. The multimedia conglomerate Time Travel Entertainment, Inc. uses proprietary technology to deploy its patented actor-bots anywhere in time and space. With a complex goal and minimal programming, the hapless bots are turned loose for the audience’s delight. Each installment of their unscripted adventures is broadcast to trillions of eager viewers hungry for scenes of heroic triumph and hilarious failure.

A delightful blend of storytelling coupled with a trio of robots per player, each of which will have keywords for actions around the edges. As the narration moves forward, the active player describes a potential resolution using one of the three keywords at the top of the card, and if accepted by the other players, gets to roll for resolution and then to check for robotic failure. The joy will come first and foremost from the tales told of these robotic time travelers and explaining how they succeed - and fail - at what they set out to accomplish before they become disfunctional.


Game of the Week: Hunted: North Pole - On sale for $4!

Everyone was happily working on toys and getting ready for Christmas when all of a sudden Jack Frost and an army of minions showed up. They kidnapped Santa, scattered the elves, and are trying to ruin Christmas! Now, you’ll have to work your way through the North Pole and rescue Santa before Christmas is canceled…all while Jack Frost’s minions try to hunt you down…

A fun, hefty game that is perfect for this time of year. Who doesn’t want to be responsible for saving Christmas? A worthwhile addition to the Hunted line of games, this one will have you hooked from the first play in a game that is festive and fun. Juggle your health, and inventory of cards, track time, and race through to defeat Jack Frost and his minions before it is too late.

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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