New games for December 4, 2020 - The Fortress of Sacked Employees

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

    • Employee of the Month
    • Four Aganst Darkness: Fortress of the Warlord
    • Sack Stackers

    This week's new games are all available at

    Employee of the Month

    If you’ve ever worked a day in your life, this game is for you. If you’ve ever worked a dead end job, part-time job, or stared at a clock wishing your shift or life was over and not caring which, this game is doubly for you. Employee of the Month is a role playing game wherein players work such jobs, doing mundane tasks and dealing with difficult customers until they are suddenly hurled into a possibly dangerous and most likely hilarious situation. Together with the General Manager (GM), players will create and play out a narrative, working together to solve or survive their story with whatever skills they possess, resources available to them at their workplace, and assumptions they hold about one another.

    A system designed to create short, single-session RPG plays for everyone to enjoy. Seriously, the game touts as being 90 minutes from creation to completion, and I suppose it is highly dependent upon the GM and players to meet, or exceed, that timeframe. A fun little game that could potentially even be played via Zoom or some other remote system, the game has a first shift and a second shift. The first takes place tackling something workplace-related. With spicy rumors, paranoia, and other normal qualities this half could be interesting as it plays out. Eventually it shifts to the second shift, where a large event impacts things that may or may not fit - bring in the Sharknado if you want! An interesting approach for those who always wanted to play an RPG but have been intimidated - or to just have the ability to play an RPG without the pressure of months or years of constant meeting for a campaign.

    Sack Stackers

    It’s Christmas Eve, and every gift in Santa’s workshop has been carefully wrapped ready for delivery. You and your fellow Elves have been trusted to load up the sleigh, but the Sack Stacker 5000 is misbehaving! All of the presents are coming out in the wrong order and getting mixed up with lumps of coal . . . Can you sort out the gifts and make sure everyone gets what they hoped for on Christmas morning?

    Like polyominos? Enjoy games like Tetris? Looking for another roll and write game? Want a Christmas themed game to play with your family? If you answered yes to any of these, Sack Stackers is the game for you. With simple rules, some dice mitigation that comes at a cost, and a common pool of dice to use, this is the perfect holiday game to play alone or with others. Imagine if 30 Rails required you to work from the bottom and go up as you place things in rows and you have a picture of how this works, except you are trying to make polyomino shapes of the same present type in order to score points. Yes, it is simple yet crunchy at the same time - kinda like grandma’s mashed potatoes...


    Four Against Darkness: Fortress of the Warlord


    In these dark and dangerous times . . . There are whispers in the night of a dark force gathering deep within the rainforest. Growing numbers of raiding orcs, trolls, and goblinkind go unchecked. It is up to you and your four adventurers to take matters into your own hands. Will you prevail and bring peace and prosperity back to the land?

    You want variety, you’ve got variety. This new book for Four Against Darkness players will add SO MUCH STUFF that it will blow your mind. Yes, there’s a new adventure for a level 4 party. And a new class: the swampling. Want more? Four types of gameplay, 18 spells, 45 magic items, 96 monsters AND variations on classic ones, new Alchemy and Arcane Training components that each add 6 more items to craft respectively, a new mount, a new weapon, and two new weapons. Even better? This is stated to be an homage to Tolkien’s epic saga with heroes of humble origins battling against sneering enemies of civilization. You want hours of entertainment? You’ve just found it, friends.

    Check out all of the new games here:


    Game of the Week: Tornado Chase

    Become the best storm chaser and jockey for position while avoiding being swept away in the storm. Let the Veteran Driver get you in the storm’s path so the Anxious Radar Tech can drop the weather sensors at just the right moment. Just be sure to get out of the path of the infamous F5 Tornado!

    I’ll be the first to admit that I will never, ever have the desire to chase a tornado. However, if I did, this would be the way to do it. A nice little press-your-luck game where you need to consider your position in relation to the tornado, try to drop sensors in its likely path, and use dice to activate abilities. A lot of little things to juggle and consider in a game that can be played multiple times in an hour with up to four people. If you like making decisions based around what the dice roll, this game has plenty of that decision space to keep you satisfied!


    Check out Game of the Week here:

    See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!


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