New Games for February 16th, 2024 - Eliminate Metronn and the Busking Helm

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Tin Helm
  • BattleCrest: Metronn Base Set
  • Dangerous Space: Oliver, Mission: Eliminate

Tin Helm

The Brotherhood of the Red Cloth long made their home deep in the abandoned mines of the Black Mountains… But a sickness came upon them as they delved too deep, and their minds have been twisted and their attention has shifted to creating wicked evils. Darkness now lives here and only a true hero can cure the madness that has consumed all…

Fans of Iron Helm will find a lot in this game which feels really familiar, although it has some strong differences as well. This game places a stronger focus on exploration, giving you 5 floors worth of exploration to gain 3 shards or you lose rather than building up to a big baddie. You also have some slight tweaks to the process of exploring, where two cards are used together to provide the icons you’ll encounter and what those particular icons mean for this encounter. You still can either take the 1st card, or reject it and find out what you blindly stumble into for the 2nd room instead. A small size game, but rich with the incredible art you know and love from this company, there’s a really fun experience waiting for you in Tin Helm whether you’ve played the original inspiration or not.


BattleCrest: Metronn Base Set

Metronn: a massive city filled with neon color and alien architecture. In the labyrinth of alleys between districts a grinning sentrybot chases a twisted figure, bent by dark magic. As their battle explodes suddenly in the middle of the street, bystanders run for cover while cameras broadcast every move to giant screens. Finally, a spectacle worthy of Metronn.

This game is a genuine delight as a small skirmish game. The premise is simple: kill your opponent’s hero before they kill yours. You may have a minion at your disposal to help, and there’s some map cards that can trigger extra effects for those adjacent to their sides. However, the neat thing is the open information, and the use of your abilities and how they’ll flip when refreshing so you’re constantly changing with what you can do. Attacking uses a card. Defending does as well. This provides two new heroes(A robot with a minion that cannot move on its own, and a healer wounded by dark magic that threatens to turn him into a wraith) and a new map at your disposal and is a perfect entry point, but is also an excellent addition to those who already have and love Battlecrest.


Dangerous Space: Oliver, Mission: Eliminate

Oliver likes to take a more considered approach to his dives. Slow and sure finds the prize…alive.

Explore through the Worc Cruiser map and make your way to the Command Deck, where you will come face-to-face with your target. While that might sound nice and convenient, getting there is anything but. Thankfully, Oliver will be able to upgrade his defense with his Reactive Flak gear, and be able to shoot better with his Quickfire 13 gear upgrades. That Strategic Bot, however, might prove tricky enough to make this mission far more challenging! Its entire room is considered to be covered in Dangerous Spaces until it gets attached, and its reaction rolls could put a premature end to your firepower, potentially wasting away a massive turn in the blink of an eye.



Game of the Week: Big Easy Busking on sale for just $7!

New Orleans, The Big Easy, is known for many things: Creole cuisine, a unique dialect, annual celebrations and festivals, and its distinctive music.

Do you have what it takes to travel to the birthplace of Jazz, show off your skills, and be named King or Queen of the Buskers?

Big Easy Busking is a competitive area control game about playing music, matching the mood of the crowd, and knowing when to push your band members to their max.

If you have ever wanted to be a musician but had no time, or talent, to do so then this game could be your wish fulfillment. Here you are controlling a small group of street musicians, known as Buskers, who play songs for various crowds. Choosing what song to play, when to learn a new song for your repertoire, and where to play your songs are all important decisions you’ll get to make. Striking the right balance will allow you to leave more area control cubes on that particular crowd, maximizing your payout. With a vibrant, color art style and an interesting twist on area control, this game is one that should delight game groups. Like all fantastic titles from Weird Giraffe Games, this one also comes with a solo mode that shouldn’t be missed.

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