New Games for February 9th, 2024 - Menageries Against the Dangerous Kung Fu Data

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Mythical Menagerie
  • Against the Wind
  • Dangerous Space: Oliver, Retrieve the Data

Mythical Menagerie

Match cards by colour and creature, building sets to score points. Each of the 5 creatures has a special power to give you more control over your hand and card sets.

Collect cards with incredibly fun creatures, working to collect and play sets of colors and/or animals in order to score points at the end of the game. One of the enjoyable aspects here comes from a pair of tough decisions: what to draw, and what to discard. Oftentimes you’ll know what you want to play, but since you can draw from the deck OR a discard pile’s top card (each person has a discard of their own), and you must discard a card each turn, there’s tension in balancing the pacing of the game (with card draws) and whether to hold onto useless cards to keep them from an opponent who needs them.


Against the Wind

In the lands where the wind howls like a beast untamed, you forge your path. They say the gales here shape not just the land, but the very spirit of those who walk it. You are one of these souls, a wanderer amidst the churning skies and the earth that bites with frost. Here, the memory of spring is as elusive as the morning mist. The ceaseless howl of the wind is the eternal song of the land. Generations have come and gone under the dominion of frost, never knowing the warmth of a summer sun. The people of this land have adapted to its relentless embrace, their lives and legends entwined with the wind’s capricious whims. The origin of this unyielding tempest is shrouded in mystery, a riddle lost in the icy whispers of the wind. Its people, hardened by the relentless chill, live in the shadow of this enigma, their stories interwoven with the frostbitten wilderness that both challenges and defines them. Your journey is one of survival, of seeking shelter amidst the relentless storms, of battles not just with beasts that lurk in the shadows, but with the very elements themselves.

A fascinating RPG system taking place in an unique world that you’ll help build and discover as you play, where the weather is big enough to almost be a character in itself having an impact on gameplay decisions from time-to-time. Inspired by fantasy and fairy tales, this weaves the elements of both into a GM-less structure full of plenty of tables to keep your adventure moving forward as you explore and interact with things. Will you focus more on exploration, or take up the mantle of liberator of a suppressed peoples populating the land? These and more are choices at your command when you delve into this system.


Dangerous Space: Oliver, Retrieve the Data

Oliver likes to take a more considered approach to his dives. Slow and sure finds the prize…alive.

This time we see Oliver take on the data collection mission. Like the mission last week, his Sleuth ability will be critical as it lets you count a marked 6 as any number, and since the data chips need to have identical numbers on both sides of them, he has a little more flexibility than most characters. That’ll be necessary to overcome his slower movement - although he should be well-equipped to face down the challenge of the Elite Hybrids and the Ambushing Constrictors in his path.



Game of the Week: Pocket Kung Fu on sale for just $2!

Pocket Kung Fu transforms your tabletop into an arena of Kung Fu warriors. Objects like books or drinking glasses becoming active game elements. Take this super portable game with you to play while waiting for your food to arrive at a restaurant or while in a convention line.

Have you ever wanted to turn a boring old table into a battleground? Do you fondly remember playing games as a child where random objects serves as part of your play area? Pocket Kung Fu will strike a chord with your inner child, transforming any surface into a playable arena and utilizing items such as books, cups, or bowls as obstacles to maneuver around. This is a combat dexterity game without the dexterity, as you move to position yourself to strike opponents in vulnerable areas, to shift into a defensive stance, or to use obstacles to your advantage for additional actions on your turns. Watch your cards move around the arena, scooping up training cards and dealing out damage to the opponents’ chi. A game that can play up to 6, this is sure to be fast and exciting fun on your table.

Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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