New Games for February 2nd, 2024 - Commandeer the Regal Rally Mystery with the Dangerous Switchboard

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Moving Pictures: Marked for Mystery
  • Switchboard 
  • Dangerous Space: Oliver, Commandeer
  • Dungeon Pages Overland: Patch, Regal Sentinel

Moving Pictures: Marked for Mystery

Everyone at the studio is buzzing about the latest film. This murder mystery has just one problem: the director’s cut reveals the culprit too early! Rearrange the scenes to build up the suspense and turn a mixed-up mystery into a sleeper hit.

Expand your Moving Pictures experience, or play this entirely on its own as a standalone entry. Moving Pictures is a quick little game for two with two phases in the game. In the first, you take turns playing cards without communication face-down into a pile with the goal of having them in order. Then comes the editing phase, where you resolve abilities and can make deleted scenes. If you have any scenes still out of order, you lose. Otherwise you move on to the second act, repeating the process and then the 3rd act if you continue to do well. If you ever wanted to produce a movie, here’s your chance to do so on a budget! Add in a detective flair to your experience as you delight over the elegant artwork, and trigger fun abilities as you go along trying to piece together the film.



You are the new switchboard operator at the manual telephone exchange at Hotel Bygone. Your job is to answer the lines and connect the callers to the correct rooms. To establish the connections you’ll need to plug the electrical cords into the correct terminals on the switchboard. It all sounded so easy when you applied for the position…

If you enjoy solitaire puzzles to solve, then you won’t want to miss the escalating challenge of Switchboard. You’re connecting calls, but the lines are all scrambled. Manipulate the wires to connect calls, earning back time with each successful connection, while every move costs some time. Survive three rounds in a gauntlet of connecting calls, including the challenge of priority and emergency calls which must be resolved first once they appear. Your remaining time will determine your score and assess whether you made the cut as a switchboard operator for the day.


Dangerous Space: Oliver, Commandeer

Oliver likes to take a more considered approach to his dives. Slow and sure finds the prize…alive.

A new character, with a new map to traverse. Like the previous Commandeer mission, you’re trying to trigger switches as you go through the map. However, he has a trick up his sleeve as a sleuth, allowing him to consider any 6’s to mark the switch as any value. And he’ll need that flexibility, given his pathways of leveling are stronger in weaponry and armor than in movement. You’ll also be frustrated by the power of the Ambushing Constrictor, a threat you’ll want to eliminate quickly once it is activated or else find yourself running out of time quickly.


Dungeon Pages Overland: Patch, Regal Sentinel

Patch has the physical scar to remind him of his oath, but those that know him say he’s always been a devout ally of the forest and its kin.

I’m loving this new era of Dungeon Pages, as it adds so much to an already excellent game system. This has some unique side quests, fun abilities and relics for the new hero, and a host of new monsters. The map itself is a huge feature this time, with each area containing water that can be deadly to move by if there are any Frozen Bears around. The other really cool thing comes from the boss, as the Steadfast Enforcer becomes harder to kill if you didn’t buy all six things from the merchant along the way.



Game of the Week: 9-Card Rally Run on sale for just $4!

"You against the clock, your car against the road. 

 One driver, one car, one goal.

Buckle up it's time for the Rally Run!"

Put the pedal to the metal and get ready to race around the track. This one has an interesting feature with the dice, with the value indicating the lane you get to move into. Of course there’s rerolls, but you must utilize a die from the previous roll first - meaning you can sometimes mitigate things, but you might also have to be flexible with your approach. A fast, fun little game that offers a lot of small decisions to help it feel like a really satisfying experience when it hits the table.

Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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