New Games for January 26th, 2024 - Pocket Farm Commandeers the Moon

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Pocket Sci-Fi
  • Roll & Farm
  • Dangerous Space: Karly, Mission: Commandeer


Pocket Sci-Fi

Humanity has left its biological and geographical origins long behind. Now cyborgs, you travel among the stars. There, you encountered the alien Synth race who are hacking and hijacking humans through their electronic interfaces. You’re charged with infiltrating and destroying the command planets of your oppressors. Overcome a series of 3 Missions, starting each with little more than meat fists and electronic wits.

A fun little system with some strong narrative to pace you through the various Missions, you’ll be doing things like collecting data samples, escaping from a location, or freeing people’s minds. With relatively simple mechanics, introduced gradually as you play through your mission, this game is perfect to just sit down and start making progress rather than reading page after page of rules ahead of time. A perfect game for solo experiences, or cooperatively with a friend, this has some good variety between the missions to make each session feel a little different.


Roll & Farm

You know the drill: you have your farm, and your goal is to make the most money by growing crops, raising animals, and transforming your materials into products that sell for more money, which you will use to improve your equipment to have access to new productions that sell for even more. However, it’s not just you, as you will compete against neighboring farms to see who has the most successful farm in the State.

A roll-and-write game inspired by some of your favorite farm-themed games, this one allows you to explore a multitude of options on what you purchase and how you expand your farm. Not only that, but what you add is possibly able to continue producing after it has been added, allowing you to really plan ahead and reap the rewards for turns to come. If you have been seeking a roll-and-write that offers more than a few things to explore from turn-to-turn, then you won’t want to miss out of heading to this farm.


Dangerous Space: Karly, Mission: Commandeer

Karly is cutting for the big payday. The one score that sets her up for life. If it doesn’t kill her first.

One of the great things about this Dangerous Space is that there’s variety in both missions and among the characters to scratch that itch. In this one, you’re trying to activate four levers by marking each one with a pair of identical numbers. Tricky enough, right? The additional catch is that there’s four Ship Interface spaces that must also align with the four numbers used to mark those levers. Who knew commandeering a ship in space would be so tough?



Game of the Week: That Snow Moon on sale for just $2!

That Snow Moon is a space opera inspired by a popular movie involving space and battles, while not actually infringing upon intellectual property.

A long time ago there was a card flung far, far away. That’s right, dust off your plastoid armor and get ready to try and hide - or discover - the plans in a game where you don’t play cards…you have to do things with them. One side throws cards face-down to assemble certain cards together for victory. The other side has to drop cards onto the opposing cards, which is a whole lot harder than it sounds. Part asymmetric card game, part dexterity game, the only thing for sure is that object in the sky is certainly no moon…

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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