New Games for January 19th, 2024 - Feral Warning: Eliminate the Pirate Maze

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Feral State
  • One Card Maze Season One
  • The Pirate’s Map
  • Dangerous Space: Karly, Mission: Eliminate


Feral State

Defeat zombies on your way to the end of the area. Collect useful items, pick the right weapons for each enemy, master your tactical skills. Watch out! Some enemies are really fast and allow you only one shot until they begin biting you! Prepare the medkits!

Take down the zombie threat before it takes you down. With four weapons to choose from, as well as three difficulty modes, there is a ton of replay packed into a short little package. Rolling the die gives you two options on where to target, and you’ll always know just how much health the zombie has and when it’ll get to retaliate. Each of them has health for their head, torso, and legs - and only one needs to be depleted to win. Do you have what it takes to survive?


One Card Maze Season One

One Card Maze is a maze that twists and turns around a single card. Travel through the maze by rotating and flipping the card to unlock doors. As you do the maze will continue to look different in changing orientations. Getting lost is all part of the game!

The task is simple: find the exit to win. In fact, the rules themselves are a small maze to introduce you to the mechanics you’ll find along the way. With a variety of maps to navigate, including some promotional ones, these are a perfect way to start or end your day and get your mind kickstarted. If you enjoy quick and easy-to-learn puzzles to solve, then you won’t want to miss this little gem of a game.


The Pirate’s Map

Ahoy! Are you ready to fill your chest and be the richest pirate at the table? Choose wisely how to explore the seas. And don’t go overboard with the rum!

Like a lot of the roll-and-writes these days, this game makes it so players are usually using the same dice, but allows some flexibility in how they make use of those dice - especially the person who rolls on a turn. You’re trying to fill rows or columns first, allowing you to claim treasure before your opponents. Visit different islands for additional loot and other rewards. If a pirate’s life is for you, then you won’t want to miss out on this fun little game.


Dangerous Space: Karly, Mission: Eliminate

Karly is cutting for the big payday. The one score that sets her up for life. If it doesn’t kill her first.

Explore through the Moon Mastiff map and make your way to the Command Deck, where you will come face-to-face with your target. While that might sound nice and convenient, getting there is anything but. Thankfully, Karly will be able to upgrade her defense with her Reactive Flak gear, and be able to shoot better with her Quickfire 13 gear upgrades. That Sharp Titan will prove to be no pushover, though, as he’ll deal damage for each Evil Die that triggers an attack…and has a stronger defense if you’re holding a Booster.


Game of the Week: Two-Minute Warning on sale for just $12!

The clock is ticking down… Two-minute warning. No time-outs left. It’s the grand finale of the Global Football League Championship. The odds may be stacked against you, but the game is far from over. Will you rise to the challenge? Will you seize the opportunity and lead your team to a legendary victory? You’ve got two minutes to turn the tide, two minutes to carve your name in the annals of history. Brace yourself for an epic showdown on the field!

A game driven by a deck of playing cards, keywords, and your ability to construct an evolving narrative of the plays based on how the cards flip. A slick, smooth system based in parts around matching suits, and at other times about having the higher card than the opposing side in order to make the desired progress. There’s also a virtual way to play, which removes the need to have a deck of playing cards if that happens to be something you don’t have lying around. The game promises tense, exciting gameplay that will certainly pull through provided you enjoy crafting the experiences in your mind based upon the results you see. This is a perfect time to get into a game like this, pulling it out on the weekends to run your own end-of-game heroics while watching your favorite teams play.

Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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