New Games for January 12th, 2024 - Power Up the Buzzsaw Estate Beneath the Dice Bots Duel

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Dice Deck
  • What Lies Beneath
  • Micro Bots Duel
  • Micro Bots: Power Up
  • Dangerous Space: Karly, Callsign: Buzzsaw


Dice Deck

Dice Deck by We Heart Games is a multi-use deck of 54 cards: essentially 3d6 in each of white, red, and black.

This simple deck of cards offers a wealth of variety to players. There are already seven games with rules that can be played with this, such as the solo Planetary Defense or the multiplayer Threeport Shipping. These offer some interesting mechanics at the heart of a shared deck design, showcasing the cleverness that board game designers can bring to the table. With just those two games, you already have a game fighting to survive to the end of attack waves, and one which is a pick-up-and-deliver style of gaming. Check out all of the games available, and maybe you’ll even be inspired to design your own!


What Lies Beneath

Quest righteously, for a righteous cause, and you shall live.

A delightful new adventure book, where you play the role of an adventurer trying to escape from a crypt, cure a mysterious disease, and enact vengeance against the one who put you in this dire situation. This has very little prep work to do in order to dive in, and follows a pattern where it gives you story/instructions, and based on your choices or results you will travel to a new section in the book. The real clever thing is the variety in tests, as you have Hit tests (rolling to meet/exceed a number), Dex tests (flicking dice), and Wit tests (solving dice puzzles). Venture forth and see if you can navigate to survival or, better yet, success.


Micro Bots Duel

Micro Bots is a strategic duelling game where you must outmanoeuvre, and outwit, your opponent. Card effects (attacking, moving, etc.) become more powerful based on the number of cards you have previously placed. So the order you play your cards determines your strategy - do you hold back your big attacks for maximum firepower, or deplete your opponent’s defences with a first strike?

Plan your actions in advance and execute them to try and execute your opponent’s bot before they cause your own to short circuit. This fast and fun little game will have you considering not only what you want your bot to do, but also how fast since the cards have initiative values on them. Maybe you really want to make sure you act first, so you choose a less-optimal card to play before they can maneuver out of your grasp. You can also spend resources to upgrade your cards, expanding your options on future turns. If you enjoy head-to-head dueling games, then Micro Bots Duel is sure to be a delight.


Micro Bots: Power Up

An expansion for Micro Bots: Duel, containing two new robots and Power Tokens with various additional effects.

Everything you need to spice up your Duels with your friends. This not only provides new Upgrades and new Bots to choose, but it also adds some interesting and new mechanics that really expand the depth of the gameplay. Knowing how to use things like the Power Cubes is the easy part; the real test is when to deploy them effectively to maximize your return. Watch for the Wildfire card, which can be played into either row and gets faster to act as you take damage. If you enjoy Micro Bots, or are convinced the game will be for you, don’t miss the chance to be able to really expand upon the experience.


Dangerous Space: Karly, Callsign: Buzzsaw

Karly is cutting for the big payday. The one score that sets her up for life. If it doesn’t kill her first.

Karly has some interesting tools at her disposal. Not only will you want to look at upgrading her movement gear - after all, she’s trying to rescue folks this week so speed can be king - but she also has some useful skills at her disposal, including a damage boost if she’s marked a diagonally-adjacent space to the enemy. And you’ll need those tricks to survive the Vicious Psychic, who will reduce your dice when they attack and damage you if any fall below a 1. The clock is ticking. Can you infiltrate and rescue the bystanders before time runs out?

ou can also check out the Kickstarter Preview PNP here for free.


Game of the Week: Roll Estate on sale for just $2!

Roll Estate is a love letter to the classics, where you’ll roll and write your way to wealth in a race to become the richest entrepreneur! Roll the dice three times to acquire loads of rental property, open bold new businesses, try your luck with some risky investments, and perhaps even win the lottery! Can you turn five dice into cool cash?

When you think classic, what comes to mind? If the answer wasn’t Roll Estate, it will be after you play this one. Capitalizing on the popularity of roll-and-writes isn’t a bad thing, right? This game has a definite classic feel while also being fresh, fun, and challenging to players. The best thing is that it can be played alone, or with up to 5 others, and has several options for score sheets. With a relatively small rulebook, you’ll be up and rolling in no time!


Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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