New Games for February 3rd, 2023 - Dungeon Recon: The Mischievous Fire Pot Mission

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Recon Mission
  • Fire Pot
  • Potion Pot Trail
  • Dungeon Pages: Zafinn, Mischievous Wizard

Recon Mission

Be the first to complete a map of your enemy’s base by searching for and locating all of their structures.

Tackle the challenge of mapping out the base of your opponent. Instead of destroying things by firing shots into coordinates on a map, you’re gaining recon by discovering where each structure is located and the shape it takes. The neat thing here is that you can attempt to win without finishing the map - but if your guesstimate is off by even a little bit, you’ll hand victory to your opponent. Plus each player has 3 chances to hide information on a square you mention…which almost certainly means you’re close to some really vital info,


Fire Pot

All you can eat, but watch your receipt!

All you can eat hot pot at your favorite restaurant, what could be better?

You order drinks, fill out the menu, then get up to grab your dipping sauces. When you get back to your seat you can't help but notice the mountain of food on your table.

"This must be a mistake!" you think to yourself.

You ask the waiter and he grabs your menu.

"I..checked off..ALL THOSE BOXES?!? The charge for wasted food alone will cost more than our entire meal!"

A fun, fast game for all ages made even more exciting if you use candies of different colors to represent the food being cooked. Race against the clock to cook, dish out, and eat the food based on how you’re rolling the dice. Get through enough food and you’ll win when the time runs out - but you have to balance things as you can’t put too many things into the pot nor have too much onto the plate. So you’ll have to balance setting things up versus taking advantage of the right number to move things along.


Potion Pot Trail

After years of laboring away over alembics, your long-held ambition has finally come to fruition: you are now the owner of a brand-new potion shop. But with only ten days left until your grand opening, you realize that you haven’t brewed any potions to sell! There’s no time to waste - climb into your enchanted potion pot and ride it into the forest to gather ingredients. Just remember, your pot will leave a trail wherever you go, ruining ingredients in its wake. Plan your path wisely, and you might just brew enough potions to fill your shelves in time for the grand opening.

An interesting take on the roll-and-write genre, as this has a map you’re moving around to collect resources. The catch? If you move through a hex, that hex is no longer obtainable for its item. That makes your path planning very important, as you’ll inevitably run into situations where you need a certain ingredient. Making it more challenging is the dice, and the one you choose for movement must be used in its entirety. If you like a rewarding puzzle, resource collection, and turning those in for points…well, you’ll probably find this game to be enchanting.


Dungeon Pages: Zafinn, Mischievous Wizard

Zafinn dreamed of adventure, but also had a rebellious streak. Despite his talent for the mystical arts, he often found himself getting into trouble with the Elders. They took the eager but troublesome student under their wing, hoping to channel his energy into something productive.

Dungeon Region: Shan Tomb Only handful of folk know of its existence, and their number is dwindling.

Who doesn’t like playing as a troublemaker? This week’s Dungeon Pages hero adds a fun character who gets to explore the dangerous Shan Tomb. You can guess why the number is dwindling among those who know of its existence, right? Don’t forget that, in addition to a new character and dungeon, you can also mix-and-match characters with dungeons so as your collection grows, so do your options to maximize replayability!


Game of the Week: Dungeon Ball on sale for $4!

While the monsters wait for more heroes to wander into the dungeon to meet their untimely end, they bide their time by playing games they learned through torturing adventurers. For the most part, they understand how to play, but they’re a little hazy on things like the rules against cheating and whatnot.

If you are seeking a 1-2 player game that plays out almost identical to an NFL football game, Dungeon Ball is something you’ll want to look into. While there are restrictions on play calling (choosing an orthagonally-adjacent play from your previous one) and a luck factor via dice rolling, this game pays homage to the sport that inspired the game. It even comes with a way to have dexterity-based extra point attempts using the box lid and a die. A clever use of momentum tokens allows both sides of the ball to use a handful of ability cards to manipulate things in their favor. Lacking a friend to play against? There is an AI deck to allow you to play this one solitaire against the game itself, practicing your moves to perfection like I used to with Tecmo Super Bowl on my old NES.

Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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