New games for February 8, 2019 - Night Runes Rule!

Jason Greeno

It's NEW GAME FRIDAY and we have a quick update (but lots of games!) for you.

  • Legends of Dsyx: Titans of Dsyx
  • Night Class
  • Runes of Mayhem: Mercenary Expansion
  • Runes of Mayhem: More Units Expansion
  • Runes of Mayhem: Towers Expansion
  • Runes of Mayhem: Traps
  • Runes of Mayhem: Full Pack: Base Game & All Expansions
  • Universal Rule
  • Universal Rule: Character Pack 1
  • Universal Rule: Credit Trackers
  • Universal Rule: Edge of War Expansion
  • Universal Rule: The Void 

Here you have the final Dsyx game, an all new Roll and Write by Jason Greeno, a bunch of Universal Rule and a ton of Runes of Mayhem. If you want to roll dice or expand your game, this is the week to do it.

The new games are all available here:

Our Game of the Week is Tornado Chase by Jason Greeno and originally available as part of Button Shy's Board Game of the Month Club. This was from the June 2018 package that sold out 100%, and is now available only at PNP Arcade.

Players race against each other to capture the most powerful tornado data, protecting local citizens and staying out of the path of destruction! Using a fresh worker placement system combined with a unique 'Craps-style' push your luck mechanic, Tornado Chase is unlike any other race game you've played before!

Check out Tornado Chase here:

And looking at the PNP Arcade games on Kickstarter, it looks like we're down to the last 5 days on Mephisto. I know of at least one free Kickstarter game we're adding next week, but you'll have to stay tuned!

See you next week!

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