New games for February 1, 2019 - Picking Your Super Twin!

Jason Greeno

If I had a super twin he would have the ability to... hmmmmm, let's see... he'd be able to get this update written in time!

It's a Friday afternoon update here, but it's still NEW GAME FRIDAY!

  • Legends of Dsyx: Lockpicks
  • Supertall: Municipal Buildings
  • Twin Stars: Adventure Series II
  • Twin Stars: Syzygy Mode

In this set we're seeing the 11th of the Dsyx series, with only one more to go! As well as an expansion to Supertall, the standalone sequel to Twin Stars, and a free solo campaign mode for Twin Stars.

The new games are all available here:

Our Game of the Week is 1) Not a game! and 2) it's free! It's a solo campaign ruleset for Twin Stars and pairs well with any of the Twin Stars products. Here are some details:

The three of you have gotten yourselves into some hot water and need to pay off some serious debt to the Grosksh. In order to do so, you are trekking across the universe, taking on any job that you can, hoping to earn fast credits, and more importantly, make it out alive.

The Grosksh have a standard policy for those that are late repaying loans. They send Enforcers to "remind" you of your debt, and if you survive, you have a week to scrape together the money. Three such adventurers, bruised but not beaten, have decided to work together to earn the money they need. They'll take any job in any sector - can you guide them to redemption?

You are going to work through 4 of the 6 scenarios using 5 action points of energy / health to distribute before each attempt. You can boost your characters or add extra energy to assist through the games. 

With three characters, you can customize which two you want to bring on each scenario. One will sit out. That character fully heals while sitting on the sidelines.

Otherwise, health and energy carry over to the next round.

Check out Twin Stars: Syzygy Mode here:

We wanted to share some videos from the great content creators out there, and since Twin Stars is a big release for us this week, we might as well look at some of the Twin Stars walkthroughs that are out on YouTube. First up we have Gray Board Gamer looking at the Escape The Brig scenario:

And next we have Matt Upton running through the Steal The Plans scenario:
Both are scenarios in Twin Stars: Adventure series I and both Gray Board Gamer and Matt Upton have covered other games that are either on or coming to PNP Arcade, so we'll hopefully share more of their videos. Feel free to follow and support them as well if you like their videos.
And finally, we would like to mention that we have one PNP Arcade game on Kickstarter now and it's Mephisto. Try it here today and visit the campaign right here:

See you next week with more Runes of Mayhem!

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