New games for January 25, 2019 - The Minty Mephisto Show!

Jason Tagmire


Hope all is well in the land of print and play. :)

We put out a call for some new publishers last week and received some responses that are in the works. Thanks to everyone that is spreading the word. We're going to keep it up as these weeks fly by.

In the meantime, we have 5 new games this week!

  • Legends of Dsyx: Derelict Dirigibles
  • Mephisto
  • Mint Julep
  • Mint Juelp: Win Place Show
  • Pont D'Avignon

The new games are all available here:

And scroll down for some more info on Mephisto as it's on Kickstarter right now.

Food Truck Champion is a game in which each person plays the owner of a new food truck out to make a name for itself. You will hire staff, cook food and please customers to earn awards and popularity. At the end of the day the food truck with the most popularity wins! 

Check out Food Truck Champion here:

New Kickstarter Preview: Mephisto

We just added a new free Kickstarter preview PNP for Mephisto (hopefully you are all enjoying these Kickstarter previews. The download numbers have been great so far).

Mephisto is a 1-4 player dungeon crawling card game where you play as a power hungry adventurer who’s made a deal with the archdemon Mephistopheles. In exchange for unholy strength, you must collect the souls of monsters you defeat in the dungeon. The catch is — you aren’t the only one who’s agreed to this pact, but only one of you will receive the demon’s gift. Race to collect the most souls for Mephisto before time runs out or be doomed to serve the beast for eternity!

Mephisto on Kickstarter

Mephisto on PNP Arcade

The following featured games are still going as well:

See you next week!

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