New Games for January 13th, 2023 - Mission of Destiny: Vengeful Market Acclimatization

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Dungeon Pages: Sygrid, Vengeful Hunter
  • Battle Card: Market Garden
  • Unsurmountable: Acclimatization
  • Unsurmountable: Rescue Mission

Dungeon Pages: Sygrid, Vengeful Hunter

Sygrid was sent by the mountain folk to find a weapon powerful enough to defeat the evil rising in the northern lands. If that means adapting to these stranger’s customs, so be it. She will do what it takes.

A Northern Hunter with plenty of fun and flavor layered into her character, this new Dungeon Pages will add both this delightful character, but also more dungeons to explore and monsters/traps to encounter. This is the second of the weekly expansions to the game, so the time is right to jump in and give it a try now to see if you’d want to have an entire year of weekly gaming delivered to you in the Dungeon Pages universe. Plus you’ll get to travel to such luxurious locales such as Hogglebottom’s Bank and the Church of Blight. You can’t tell me those aren’t going to be hot tourist spots!


Battle Card: Market Garden

Battle Card: Market Garden is a quick playing postcard game about one of the most iconic battles of WWII - Market Garden.

A quick, simple, yet fun game for two players. The American forces are pushing across the lines, trying to gain ground before the game’s trigger reaches the end - but they also cannot suffer a complete loss in battle. The Germans are trying to hold their ground, stalling the Americans long enough to secure victory. With a quick set of rules, easy-to-follow system, and a fast game time, this promises to be a real easy one to kill 10 minutes with.


Unsurmountable: Acclimatization

Higher altitudes means low oxygen. Make Rest Stops to acclimatize or you’ll be too sick to reach the top.

A delightful little expansion designed to up the ante in your mountaineering expedition. With this, you’re going to build 2 rest stops by the time you finish the mountain, and each rest stop has a pair of things that must be adjacent in order to be built. You’ll take two of the six rest stops at the start of the game, so it adds something that you’ll need to be pondering from the starting of the construction of your mountain, and there’s even the flexibility to add a third into the mix if you really, really want to make the task feel Herculean. 


Unsurmountable: Rescue Mission

Danger is all around on the mountain. When you get a distress call from a stranded climber, you rush to help!

I love to advocate easy-to-integrate expansions, and this is a perfect example of that. The only change in the game is that one of the three rescue missions - at random - is added to about the middle of your deck during setup. In order to win, the rescue card must be a part of your path in the final mountain and cannot be discarded for an action. This adds a few nice decisions to make along the way, while simultaneously raising the stakes because you’ll inevitably have to plan around the card when it arrives, knowing it needs to be placed eventually even if there’s a better card to play.


Game of the Week: Realm of Shadows: The Hand of Destiny on sale for $3

The rest of your adventuring party has gotten lost (or worse) and you find yourself alone in the wilderness preparing for the fight of your life. As waves of monsters close in on you, you think of the great heroes of ages past who made a similar stand—sometimes for good, sometimes for ill, but always for honor. Perhaps your story will be added to the legends. Perhaps, if you are so favored, Destiny’s hand will be upon you tonight.

Palm Island meets lines of enemies to do battle with in the Realm of Shadows: The Hand of Destiny. Take down monsters one at a time, using strength cards and/or abilities to deal with the threat. Fight your way through the gauntlet, including the boss, four times in order to be successful. However, each damage taken or each ability used brings you one step closer to defeat. Boss battles, in particular, are very interesting because the order in which you spend cards can make a huge difference in how the boss interacts with you.

Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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