New Games for January 28, 2022 - Z Way of the Dungeon Debts

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

        • SpaceShipped: Debts and Damages
        • Stalingrad Z
        • The Way of the Avatar
        • Tike's Dungeoneering



        SpaceShipped: Debts and Damages

        Sometimes, the rewards are worth the risks, but in this part of the sector, the risks often outnumber the rewards. The presence of the Dynasty grows larger by the day, so be careful that you never get on their bad side. Otherwise, you might not make it out alive.


        This looks to be a fun swiss army knife of an RPG system. If you have no one to play with at the time, you can gear up and run  a session by yourself. If you have some friends and no one wants to be stuck as the GM, you can run the session using this system without the need to religate someone as a bookkeeper. Just want something a little more affordable but still have someone who likes to GM? You can do that, too, with this guide! It has so many ways you can utilize the information in here, to the point where I might have finally found the RPG system that works well for my own hectic schedule!


        The Way of the Avatar


        As the Avatar, it is your duty to serve the reigning Lord of Britannia. It is your passion to strive for mastery of each of the eight virtues. It is your quest to tame the dungeons, each representing its own sin.


        A small file and an easy print, this game is quick to get started but is sure to give you a nice, thinky game session that tries to capture the feel of the Ultima franchise of video games. Travel the land, fulfilling quests and completing the dungeons. How you use your dice each round will determine a lot of what you are tasked with doing for that turn, which provides a really fascinating puzzle to consider. No familiarity with Ultima is required to relish the fun of a game that will have you doing some math, gives you four very unique characters to play as and lets you know the difficulty for using each of them. If you like a feel of progression across a game, and want something easy to make but isn’t too quick to play, this might just scratch that itch for you.


        Escape from Stalingrad Z


        Escape from Stalingrad Z will take you to the most brutal battles the world has ever witnessed. Here in this forsaken place, the unquiet dead stalk the battlefields and hunger for new souls to add to their ranks. Your choices and tactical skills will be tested along with the ingenuity of your survivors. Low ammunition, wounds, lack of food and the bitter cold are your enemies as much as the zombies. The survival of each of your unique combat specialists, depends upon your ability to conserve resources and exploit the zombie’s weaknesses. You will need to choose your tactics wisely; sometimes stealth is more important than firepower. You may fail the first try at escape but with experience and proven tactics, each attempt will bring you closer to achieving victory.


        If you like skirmish games, campaigns, and - yes, of course - zombies in your games…you’re going to be delighted by this entry. What you have here is everything you need to play. Much like Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, your printed book has the map you’ll actually play on with your miniatures which helps to streamline setup significantly. All you need is the book, character sheets, and tokens to get started. If you enjoy unlocking threats as you progress, gaining experience to feel stronger as you go, and having both primary and secondary objectives to complete, this is bound to scratch that itch…with zombies. 

        Tike's Dungeoneering

        Tike's Dungeoneering is a core set of fantasy role-playing game (RPG) rules designed for a younger audience. As the Lead Player, you will guide your Tikes through a rich and imaginative world full of excitement, peril, and discovery.

        Every Tike is a unique individual. Each has their own personality, imagination, and style; play to that. Play to their strengths, help them learn the basic math required, let them tell the story. Tike's Dungeoneering is not only fun but can also be educational.



        Game of the Week: SpaceShipped on sale for just $2.

        You are an interplanetary trader, flying a second-hand ship, trying to make some cash. A wealthy merchant offered you a lucrative deal. Prove yourself by getting some rare crystals and she'll put you in charge of her trading fleet — one of the biggest in the quadrant. You'll need to get them before your enemy gets them first. What are you waiting for? Get shipping!

        SpaceShipped — A solo space trading game of buying and selling resources, upgrading your ship, crew, and equipment, dealing with pirates, and making deals. A card game with over 30 random events, 4 types of ship, 4 sets of crew members, and 8 different pieces of equipment to install, all using only 18 cards.

        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!



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