New Games for July 23, 2021 - Adamastor Valley Scraps

Jason Tagmire

It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

        • Adamastor
        • Death Valley
        • Death Valley: Panamint City
        • Scraps


        After The Rupture, the world went silent for hundreds of years. The magnificent structures our ancestors built were taken over by nature.

        At one point long after that, our great grandparents woke up from their slumber. As they raised once again to the surface, they slowly but steadily uncovered towering overgrown ruins among inconceivable creatures and plants.

        With no recollection of what happened before their time, they started a new world. A place of hope, peace, synergy and beauty.

        Welcome to Ayera.

        If you like interesting and fascinating game ideas, Scraps is certainly going to strike a chord with you. With polyomino shapes to tinker with, progress based on the idea of movements, and a non-violent approach toward gaming, this looks to stand apart from other titles. There’s no conquering of nature, but rather finding a harmonic symbiosis as you explore, gather resources, and use them in your workshop to craft personal and community projects. I get the feeling that if you dig games like Stardew Valley, this one might interest you in getting to the table.



        XV century. Portugal begins its Discoveries that will last until the XVII century, an era where important breakthroughs in science, cartography and astronomy were accomplished, as also the first vessels capable of navigating on the open seas. 

        Explore the open seas alone or with a friend. As you explore, cards will be added or removed from the deck and, if the deck runs out, you lose. You get actions each day based upon the weather, events can trigger, and you’ll earn abilities or undergo trauma at the end of each day. Find one of the marked land cards on your adventures to bring this little game to a close - bonus points if you keep a log of your travels.


        Death Valley and Expansion

        The infamous Death Valley National Park is as dangerous as it is beautiful. Document your trip through this scorching landscape in a scrapbook of desert features from landmarks to animals, but be mindful of the heat and other hazards!

        Death Valley has some pretty awesome landscape art, and a cool mechanic with building both your Journey and your Scrapbook to catalog your adventure. However, there’s an interesting press-your-luck mechanic as you can bust and lose some of your cards. This also comes with a solo mode variant for those who prefer to play alone. With some really cool abilities on some of the cards, you may end up having far different scores than you’d suspect during the course of gameplay - plus there’s neat info on each card about the location on the card.




        Game of the Week: Squire for Hire

        Squire for Hire is a tile-based inventory management game for 1-2 players. Each Squire takes turns completing quests and adding loot to their bag. Keep vital items in your bag for when you need them, pack efficiently, and try to eliminate junk to be the Squire with the highest scoring bag!

        This game is clever. In this one you are constructing a bag of loot by covering spaces so that pieces of loot are added fully into your bag. This promises the same fun, fast-paced card placement and scoring fun that I’ve enjoyed in similar games and did enjoy with my first plays of this one. Bonus points: the cards also have some bits of flavorful story to explain why you need to possess, or use, the items indicated on the card for your placement into your bag!

        Check out Game of the Week here:

        See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!


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