New Games for July 29, 2022 - Four Against Frightful Monsters Squad

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Four Against Darkness: Monsters Deck 2
  • Four Against Darkness: Monsters Deck 3
  • Four Against Darkness: The Frightful Dozen
  • Glitch Squad

Four Against Darkness: Monsters Deck 2

"Monsters Deck - 2" contains all the classic monsters from the core rulebook adapted for all levels with the Highest Character Level mechanic (HCL).

I’ve highlighted before how much I enjoy the cards for Four Against Darkness, and now you can use them for your monsters and bosses. This deck contains all of the classic monsters from the base game’s rulebook, with adjustments to scale them up or down based upon your party’s level…well, based on the highest level in your party. That in itself should be enough to get you excited, as who wouldn’t want to still be fighting Rats at a high level and have to break a sweat while taking them on? 


Four Against Darkness: Monsters Deck 3

Monsters Deck 3 is a collection of 24 tarot-sized cards, each with a monster for Four Against Darkness.

Hoo boy, if you were excited about that first Monsters deck, just you wait until you get your hands on this one. Like the other, it contains vermin, minions, bosses, and weird monsters to use for your adventure. I haven’t fought any Glue Minigolems yet, but I imagine that can lead to some pretty sticky situations for your party. Don’t miss out on several knights, assassins, and lethal ladies to add to your next outing!


Four Against Darkness: The Frightful Dozen

More foes to amaze and challenge your heroes. This book includes game statistics, background information, tactics and secrets of twelve unusual creatures of Norindaal, with rules for encounters suited for parties of all experience levels.

One of the best things you can do to spice up your game of Four Against Darkness is to make the encounters a little more special. This supplement brings 12 unique creatures into the fold, complete with background information, tactics, secrets, and rules to operate them. Not only do they hold very specific loot, perfect for spicing things up, but they also have a story hook that can bring them into your game with an easier transition. Who wouldn’t want to run into Orum the Human Spider, or Nevar of the Rotting Hand on their next campaign?


Glitch Squad

The forensic scientists of the Glitch Squad have each been assigned a crime scene to analyze. Unfortunately, the office cat—Glitch—has accidentally changed the password to all of the evidence lockers.

Each round, you write 3 clues to help one of your teammates guess a piece of evidence related to the crime: location, weapon, occupation, or hobby. Unfortunately, Glitch the cat messes up these clues. Acting as the meddlesome cat, your opponent gets to erase one of the clues, and write in a "Glitched" clue to stump your ally.

Can you guess the evidence from the clues, knowing one of them is glitched? If so, you reveal the next letter in the password to your evidence locker! If not, the opponent who glitched your clues gets the next letter in their password. 

A new type of party game that is sure to delight you if you enjoyed games like Codewords. The trick here, of course, comes from the changed clue. Since you get three clues to guess the word from, that’s a large percentage that is unreliable and, most likely, deceptive. That’s where the real star of the game comes to the surface, making you second-guess every hunch, because if you’re wrong the other team will progress on their password. This game is also undeniable proof that you simply cannot trust a cat, no matter the circumstances.

Game of the Week: Four Against Darkness

Four Against Darkness is a solitaire dungeon-delving game. No miniatures are needed. All you need is the book, a pencil, two six-sided dice, and grid paper.

You choose four character types from the classic classes (warrior, wizard, rogue, halfling, dwarf, barbarian, cleric, elf), equip them, and start adventuring in dungeons created by dice rolls and your choices. When you enter a room, you generate its content on a series of random tables. You will meet monsters, fight them, hopefully defeat them (or decide that discretion is the better part of valor!), you’ll manage your resources (healing, spells, life points, equipment), grab treasure, dodge traps, find clues, and even accept quests from the monsters you meet. Your characters can level up and become better at what they do, but it will not be easy.

Here it is, folks. The base game for Four Against Darkness. If you’ve been holding off on trying this one, now is the time to sharpen your swords..or pencils, and dive into the dungeon for some solitaire adventure. While you might question if an elf is a class or a race, the game itself has enough fans to be certified as a solitaire must-try and is unlike most games you might experience out there. Plus, if you get hooked, there’s only about a bajillion supplements out there. So while your wallet won’t thank you for getting hooked, you can enter the world of 4AD knowing there’s tons of adventure and new classes out there to discover after the core experience.

Check out Game of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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