New Games for June 17, 2022 - Micro Muses visit Exobase Dojos

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Exobase
  • Muses
  • Micro Dungeon


ExoBase challenges you to build a self-sustaining base in the hostile environment of a distant exoplanet. Shortly after breaking ground, you discover incoming meteorites that will pulverize your base in ten days if it is not strong enough to sustain a shield generator.

This game is a solitaire race against time, sending our your workers to repair, upgrade, and expand your base in order to survive that meteorite storm coming your way. There’s risk, of course, and those workers can sustain damage and even die if they take too much damage, lowering your workforce. But those workers can also get new talents which let them become even more efficient. This is sure to please anyone who loves worker placement games and trying to puzzle out how to maximize your usage of what options become available to you.


You are artists praying to the nine muses of Greek mythology in hopes of getting divine favor.

If you like action selection, don’t sleep on the Muses. You’re choosing one of five actions secretly, and whichever action is selected most will occur first. You’re trying to get the most devotion tokens onto cards in order to score the most points, although depending on the order in which things resolve that card you hoped to mark might just shift on you. A fun, fast little game that takes very little table space, Muses promises to be fun for a game group when you need an interesting little filler to play.

Micro Dungeon

In Micro Dungeon, you take the role of a lone hero exploring an unknown Dungeon and trying to escape. You will encounter monsters, collect Items, and try to overcome locked doors. If you manage to defeat the Boss guarding the Exit, you escape the Dungeon and win the game.

Who doesn’t like crawling through a dungeon, right? In this adventure, you’re going to slowly reveal the map as you explore, open chest for items, collect keys to unlock doors, and try to find and defeat the boss to escape. The longer you take, the more challenging the enemies get and the more often they respawn. Combat is fairly simple, and taking damage will cost you either life or one of your other stat boosts, so you can somewhat spread out and mitigate some of the impact of a poor die roll. If you want a small, yet enjoyable, dungeon crawl experience then I think you’ll enjoy checking out Micro Dungeon.

Game of the Week: Micro Dojo on sale for just $4

You are one of two Daimyo - feudal lords of Edo Japan - tasked by the Shogun to bring prosperity to a small town. Carefully manoeuvre the town’s retainers to gather resources, build buildings, complete the Shogun’s tasks, and win favour. The most prosperous Daimyo will be granted the title to the town.

Move around the board and execute actions to gain resources, build buildings, and/or score points. The neat trick here is you are moving space-to-space on a board and have two people to move, and you have to alternate between them. This means laying long-term and short-term plans on how to do what you need in order to defeat your opponent. Additional rules are included for advanced experiences, and this nice little 2-player game comes with really short rules to get you up and playing in no time.

Check out Game of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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