New Games for June 24, 2022 - Ominous Kards Collection Reconfigured

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:

  • Rove Expansion Collection
  • ROVE: Reconfigured
  • Ominous Opus of the Occult & Obscure

Rove Expansion Collection

The ROVE: Expansion Collection includes three 6-card Mission Pack expansions. Each can be added on its own or combined with additional Mission Pack expansions. Use the setup rules below, and the specific mission pack rules that follow. Also, for an additional challenge, try the Endurance Mode variant. Enjoy!

A trio of expansion packs to expand your ROVE experience. The Alien Activities expansion adds 6 new cards that introduce a new effect to make movement cards copy a specific module’s movement type, shaking up the way you approach your strategy in the game. The Cosmic Crisis expansion provides an anti-movement card which you can use if specific modules are empty…and a new twist with Crisis cards that require you to complete them with a single movement card or else lose instantly. Icy Incidents rounds out the collection with yet more interesting restrictions, freezing certain modules when they appear so that you cannot move them with regular movement cards while they are frozen. Also of note, each expansion comes with an Endurance Mode to challenge your skills as a ROVE master.

ROVE: Reconfigured

Download finished… Rewriting operating system… Enhancing core modules… Upgrade complete: Welcome to ROVE 2.0.

The beauty of ROVE comes from the compatibility with these expansions, and this one might be the easiest of them all, yet the most challenging decision to make. Tired of the actions always being the same? These cards can replace the old Modules, providing a NEW ability to replace the original. Mix-and-match from game-to-game as you desire, going all old, all new, or a mix of both as you try and puzzle out your way to victory. While these are all new, only a fool would assume that automatically makes them all better. As we’ve seen, not everything technology provides improvements to the quality of life…

Ominous Opus of the Occult & Obscure

If you love playing as a magical character in fantasy settings (and who doesn’t enjoy unleashing powerful spells from afar?), then you won’t want to miss this new installment in the Four Against Darkness world. Depending on your personal taste in gaming, you’re either going to be most excited for the adventure in here - where you control a solo wizard character - or for nearly a hundred cantrip spells. As long as you have the base Four Against Darkness book, you can pick this up and jump right in and sling some spells around.

Game of the Week: Dungeon of Kards on sale for just $4

An adventure game, created for the whole family! Dungeon of Kards is a card game, in the style of the great RPGs, where you will explore a mysterious dungeon, full of magical portals, leading to the most diverse challenges and rewards!

Explore the dungeon alone or with friends. Each exploration will find you some sort of encounter, whether an item, a monster, equipment, a magic stone, and more. You have two ways to play: solo campaign or a PVP sort of exploration against opponents or teams of opponents. You’ll be building the map as you explore, hoping the next card will have a door that lines up so you don’t cause an issue that costs you health. If you want something simple that can help the younger family members to be able to join in, you might want to check out the system behind the Dungeon of Kards.

Check out Game of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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