New games for June 28 2019 - Hacker Championship Edition

Jason Tagmire


This week we have a whole bunch of new stuff.

  • Chain Mail: Tears of Earthshine Adventure Kit
  • Paper Pinball: Championship Boogerball
  • Paper Pinball: Chromastodon
  • Paper Pinball: Laser Sisters Special Edition
  • Paper Pinball: Sherwood 2146 Special Edition
  • Paper Pinball: Wolf Hackers Special Edition

It's a big week for Paper Pinball! Anyone that has bought the previous games would have received updated files as the files were touched up, but we also have 2 new Paper Pinball titles, Championship Boogerball and Chromastodon as well as special editions of all 3 of the original titles. There's also the 4th expansion to Button Shy's Chain Mail, an adventure game for 1-4 players, introducing a new character, the Wizard to the mix!

This weeks new games are all available here:

The game of the week is Paper Pinball: Laser Sisters Special Edition!

Continuing the Paper Pinball theme of the week.

Paper Pinball is a dice game that tries to capture the feeling of playing pinball. All you will need is a pencil, three dice, and about five minutes. Laser Sisters is the best selling game in the collection and this special edition features updated art and mechanisms.

Each round, roll two dice and fill in one of the scoring zones. Some zones need to be filled in a certain way, and most will cause some sort of effect, so the order you fill them in is important. If you ever can't fill a zone, you'll lose a ball. Lose three balls and the game is over. Try to fill as many scoring zones as possible while triggering multipliers, opening tunnels, and getting the coveted multi-ball.

Check out Paper Pinball: Laser Sisters Special Edition here:

Thanks everyone! See you next week!

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