New Games for March 15th, 2024 - Impossible Golem Eliminates the Vojvodina Pie

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Golem Needs Pie
  • Impossible Identity

  • Dangerous Space: Dee, Eliminate Mission

Golem Needs Pie

You have recently created a golem from the finest mud and stone in the land, but have accidentally inserted a scroll for a shopping list instead of your originally planned evil deeds. The golem now is only interested in procuring slices of pie and will not stop crashing through walls until they 1) get all the pie or 2) run out of steam. Can you ensure that the golem, made from your hands, leads a fulfilling life?

A simple puzzle game where you’ll be limited on time to complete your mission: collect all the pie on the map. What sounds simple will be a little more challenging, as you spend Steam to roll a d6 for movement and are required to move the full amount. If you cannot, for whatever reason, you lose. If you run out of Steam, you lose. Thankfully, you do not need to land on the pie pieces perfectly (although you get a bonus if you do) in order to collect them. Bash some walls, eat some pie, and enjoy your opportunity to have some quick, simple fun.


Impossible Identity

You are a secret agent, infiltrating places and fighting to make things right.

This little RPG has plenty of space to explore to your heart’s content across story threads, vying to complete your objective within certain parameters that you can either choose, or use a d6 to roll on. Select one of six agent archetypes, figure out what you need to do, add in a bit of a twist to mix things up, and you are off to be able to play out scenes either alone or with some friends - no need for a Gamemaster as you set the conditions for your progress moving forward. If you are waiting for the next spy thriller to hit the big screen, this little ruleset might help to scratch a similar itch!


Dangerous Space: Dee, Eliminate Mission

Dee lost part of her leg when a rescue mission went sideways. The grateful family financed her unique drone backpack which earned the cadet her apt callsign.

While this might seem at first glance to be a tough one for Dee - after all, she is a queen of mobility on the map - she still has a trick or two at her disposal with the Dual Fire skill to reroll and add dice back into her pool. And she’ll need it to deal with the Agitated Wolven boss, which not only can make more walls as you mark its dangerous spaces, but it also can hit you harder if you trigger an attack with a 6. Take to the skies here and try to take out this big boss if you want a good, healthy challenge.



Game of the Week: Vojvodina on sale for just $6!

Welcome to the exciting world of Vojvodina!. In this game, you are in the role of a farmer who produces crops and supplies town markets by making lucrative contracts.

Find the right balance between careful and thought-out tile placement and obtaining the best-paying markets.

An interesting game that has some building of an area in front of each player, trying to navigate the landscape in order to maximize the coins you’ll gain at the end of the round. If you like spatial games where you are building a region as the game progresses, you’ll like the thinky elements this game adds to the experience. Because things change each round, your target for what you want to accomplish is likely to adjust so flexibility is just as important as perfect placement during any given round.

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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