New Games for March 8th, 2024 - That Snow Kraken, Lore Retrieved Identifies it as Space Ghost

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Logic & Lore (Kickstarter Preview)
  • What’s Kraken - Ghost Captains Expansion

  • Dangerous Space: Dee Volkova, Retrieve Mission

Logic & Lore (Kickstarter Preview)

Constellations are out of alignment and need help returning to their proper locations. These stars are assisted by both mice and dragons; the dragons go out in search of information, while the mice catalog the clues to figure out what must be done. Logic must be wielded to sort order from chaos!

A clever little game of memory and deduction while in competition with an opponent. You’re trying to get your 9 starts in the correct order before your opponent does, but your cards all start face-down. If you flip them all too soon and end up being wrong, you’ll lose, so you’ll want to leverage your questions each round to get the best information about the two cards you hold up for your opponent to see. If you enjoy small and fast games with low luck and high deduction/memory involved, you won’t want to miss Logic & Lore.


What’s Kraken - Ghost Captains Expansion

Your ship survived the Kraken. Do you have the fortitude now to defeat the Ghost Ships that have set their cannons towards you? Or will your vessel be the next recruit for their fleet? Attack the Ghosts, board their ships before they sink for treasure and resources, repair your ship. Survival is required, wealth is the goal.

A roll-and-write game where you are racing against time, so to speak, in order to defeat the fleet of Ghost Ships before they destroy your ship. Like the base game, this features an interesting use of polyomino shapes based on die rolls. Rather than one threat, there are three ships to take down before you get destroyed and lose. However, you can also board those ships to gain Prisoners to obtain beneficial abilities to help you survive a little bit longer against the spectral onslaught.


Dangerous Space: Dee Retrieve Mission

Dee lost part of her leg when a rescue mission went sideways. The grateful family financed her unique drone backpack which earned the cadet her apt callsign.

Mobility is the name of the game when you’re playing as Dee, and her Aerial skill will allow you to move over objects in your path, letting you shave off precious turns as you scramble to collect and mark two sides of each databit. You’ll love her upgraded movement options, too, letting you move quickly around the board. Just don’t forget to also pump something into her attack or defense, lest you get destroyed by being too weak to overcome the threats along the way.



Game of the Week: That Snow Moon on sale for just $2!

That Snow Moon is a space opera inspired by a popular movie involving space and battles, while not actually infringing upon intellectual property.

A long time ago there was a card flung far, far away. That’s right, dust off your plastoid armor and get ready to try and hide - or discover - the plans in a game where you don’t play cards…you have to do things with them. One side throws cards face-down to assemble certain cards together for victory. The other side has to drop cards onto the opposing cards, which is a whole lot harder than it sounds. Part asymmetric card game, part dexterity game, the only thing for sure is that object in the sky is certainly no moon…

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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