New Games for March 24th, 2023 - Daredevil Spies and Derelict Fishbones in Ultimopolis

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Ultimopolis
  • Finding Fishbone
  • Derelict Delvers
  • Dungeon Pages: Gloria, Daredevil Warrior


Your team has shown they have the skills to handle everything. Cities, farms, and nature: you do it all! The only thing left to do is balance all three simultaneously in your most ambitious project yet!

Juggling is a skill I’ve never been able to master. Sometimes, on a good day, I can keep two balls going for a little while, but I find I fail miserably from the outset when I try to do three. For those who are far better at juggling and want to put that to use in games, there’s the Ultimopolis expansion that allows you to play all three of the mainline -opolis games in one mega session. I hope you’re feeling confident, because this won’t be a task for the faint-at heart! However, just imagine that sense of accomplishment at the end when you count up those points and see how well you did at balancing the construction of the three games!


Finding Fishbone

Avast ye! That be ill tidings! Our brave captain Niel “Fishbone” Reed has been swallowed by a blasted sea beast! A renowned corsair such as himself is sure to be alive and kickin’ in there, but it is up to you to descend inside the belly of the thing, find the capt’n and bring him back in one piece! Off ye go!

A nice little combination of roll-and-move and some exploration to try and find the clues. With battles, events, and more to find within the belly of a whale, you need to not only manage your own well-being in order to survive but you may also want to take note of which exit you’re likely to escape from as the game progresses. After all, we would all prefer to leave through the whale’s blowhole rather than the alternative presented. If you like a fast, simple PNP game that you can start playing almost instantly, you won’t want to miss out on this game.


Derelict Delvers

We thought we had it all figured out. We ventured out into the stars with a purpose. We sought to learn, to discover, to make contact with other forms of life. We were the ambassadors of humanity, the trailblazers of a new age of understanding and cooperation. But we were wrong. We were so very, very wrong. It started with a few weird signals, some strange readings on our instruments. We thought it was just some glitch, some interference. But then the attacks started. They came out of nowhere, these creatures, these monsters. They swarmed our ships, our stations, our outposts. They killed, they destroyed, they consumed. And we were powerless to stop them.

A delightful new Role-Playing system taking place in a futuristic space setting. If you love the Alien movie franchise, or just enjoy imaginative exploits and playing with friends, you won’t want to miss this. You get to create an occupation or role for your character - such as a Void Sniper,  Dark Energy Wielder, or Cybernetic Samurai - and assign abilities known as Facets…including some special powers to make each character truly unique. What I also like here is that each player will also get a meta-role, placing them in charge of an aspect of the gameplay: mission ideas, room descriptions, setting the atmosphere and lore, creating hazards, creating monsters, and assigning loot. That makes it so everyone feels like they have a meaningful share in the experience, rather than just passively coming along for the adventure.


Dungeon Pages: Gloria, Daredevil Warrior

Gloria’s wild streak, had a wild streak of its own. Whether she was cliff diving as a youth or jumping into a brawl with some bullies, the brave woman has never turned from a challenge. So entering Knight training, older than most, was not exactly daunting.

Welcome to the Filgan Forest, where only a daredevil of a Knight would be willing to venture and face down a pair of dragons. Double the trouble in this scenario, they get stronger once one is defeated. Not only does this boast a really interesting dungeon, but the character of Gloria is also a remarkable one. She has some really fun items to unlock along the way, including Steam-Powered Boots and a Destiny Mirror. I know I’m excited to venture forth and try out another outstanding installment for my Dungeon Pages explorations.


Game of the Week: Spies on sale for $4!

You are all spies who have infiltrated an ambassador’s mansion, each working for different countries. Accomplish missions and try to sabotage your Target’s missions to score points.

A fun game of moving through rooms, completing or sabotaging missions along the way. The player to your left is the person to try and figure out their movements. Players cannot repeat the rooms they enter previously, and can jump to any unvisited room during movement but only if they announce the room they are leaving from. You also get to ask them a question each round, to which they must honestly answer. There’s a lot of interaction in this little game, and if you enjoy deduction along with trying to remain hidden yourself, this game is sure to be a hit.

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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