New Games for March 31st, 2023 - Gem-Bound Distiller visits the Whisper Fool

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It's New Game Friday! David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.


Here’s what is new this week:

  • Bound
  • Distilled
  • Gem Getter
  • Dungeon Pages: Valensi, Death Whisper


Bound is a two player strategy game played on a single sheet of paper. Each turn, move one of your four standing stones in an attempt to encircle an opponent's stone. Simple rules ensure that it is quick and easy to learn, but the unusual geometry of its pentacle-shaped board and the speed of its reversal of fortunes make Bound a dynamic and strategic contest

An abstract game of strategy that can be played in minutes, this requires each side to have four pieces and to try and trap just one of your opponents’ pieces. You do this by making it so a piece is completely surrounded on all sides by any piece, so even a friendly piece could end up assisting in the binding of a player. Once that happens, the player has been defeated and players can quickly reset to play multiple games in a row. If you like games that are fast, easy to learn, and that contain no elements of luck, then you should look into Bound.



You have inherited an abandoned distillery from a distant relative, and are now tasked with bringing your family’s business back to its former glory. Over the course of seven rounds you will acquire ingredients, items, recipes, and upgrades to create the world’s most renowned spirits.

This is the game experience you never knew you needed: running a distillery. If you’ve played a popular wine-making title, you’ll find some comfortable similarities in ideas such as fulfilling recipes and aging the drinks, but there’s some other delightful differences in here. I love the concept of having a signature blend for your character, giving you something unique to shoot for while also looking to expand into other possible recipes. If collecting resources, upgrading efficiency, and fulfilling recipes is your jam then you won’t want to pass over this game.


Gem Getter

In Gem Getter, you and your friends will compete to dig the most efficient mine and become the greatest getter of gems.

A fun little roll-and-write with polyomino shapes being placed into your mine. All players begin from the same location in their mine, but each round players will only use one of the two patterns that match the dice rolled for the turn, drawing in the shape adjacent to another shape. The more gems you cover with these shapes, the better your points will be, and there’s bonuses available for filling rows, columns, and surrounding the unbreakable boulders in your mine. If you want a game that is quick to start and can play a large group (or a small one), then don’t miss out on Gem Getter.


Dungeon Pages: Valensi, Death Whisper

Not much is known about the ‘Sorceress from the Swamps’. For now, though, it would appear that we share a common enemy, that she is willing to fight. Sometimes, the stars align. But can she be trusted?

Not only does this character sound really cool and fun, she genuinely is an interesting character! From her special ability of the Undead Army to her relics like the Cursed Orb and Ring of Confounding…you’ll feel like this is a really fresh approach to the game with some of her abilities. Add into the mix a fun new area to explore where the number you use matters, causing you to lose gold and/or increase the final boss’ health for every 3 you mark. If you were feeling like you’d seen everything this game has to offer, think again and try Valensi this week!


Game of the Week: You Fool on sale for $2!

Circus clowns pour out of their tiny clown car to form a small human pyramid - but one fool does not make it into the display and is smacked in the face with a pie for the entertainment of all. Don’t be that fool!

This is one of those games where social butterflies are going to be delighted in the experience, as it relies heavily on player interaction, negotiation, and deception in order to jockey for positioning with your clown each round. This is definitely not the sort of game you want to pull out in a place where you need to be quiet, and has rules to adapt for 3 players if you’re unable to get a 4th. Plus who doesn’t want a clown-themed game where you’re moving through a circus tent and getting to pie the loser in the face?

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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