New Games for March 29th, 2024 - Strange Nights spent Comandeering the Lighthouse Micro Revolver

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Poker Revolver
  • The Last Lighthouse
  • The Last Lighthouse: Long Nights Expansion
  • The Last Lighthouse: Strange Shores Expansion
  • Dangerous Space: P2-777, Commandeer Mission

Poker Revolver

Poker Revolver is a semi-abstract game where both players take the role of a gambler-duelist in the Wild West. You are minding your own business at the poker table and someone challenges you to a dicey duel. Players roll their dice secretly and simultaneously (grabbing their bullets), and then they take turns placing a die one by one (loading) onto the board (in the shape of two revolver cylinders) to see who can make the better poker combination (e.g. a Pair, Straight, Full House). Knockout your opponent before he knocks you out. Only one person walks away as a winner from a poker table.

Use dice to form poker hands in pairs, threes of a kind, full houses, straights, and more. It is a game of speed and wits, meaning you must plan well as well as take action in an appropriate amount of time. The bullets added by your opponent can also be used to make up your poker hand, and once someone shoots, they give the rest of their unused dice and the timer is on for that player to do up to two moves and fire their own shot. Fast and chaotic fun, this game will have you reaching for the sky as you try to have not just the fastest guns in the west, but also the best.


The Last Lighthouse

At the edge of the horizon, the nightmares begin. You, and you alone, defend the lighthouse that keeps them at bay. Can you keep this beacon shining until the dawn, or will you succumb to the spreading darkness?

As one would expect from a stellar solitaire game designer, The Last Lighthouse is an excellent addition to any solo collection. This one has you warding off Nightmares in the sea by setting traps, using them to deal damage to the Nightmares before they do too much damage to the Lighthouse. Beyond that, your only task is to survive the growing gauntlet of threats until the deck is empty - something that sounds really simple in concept, but you’ll find it to be quite the challenge to execute.


The Last Lighthouse: Long Nights Expansion

In winter the nights are longer, allowing the nightmares more time to creep from the water. Your beacon is more important than ever during the extended darkness.

If you enjoy making a tough game even more challenging, you won’t want to miss out on these Long Nights for your lighthouse experience. Not only do the 5 cards spice up the game a bit by adding variety (3 cards get removed randomly from the deck after mixing these in), but it also extends the game’s difficulty by making it last two cards longer. If you don’t think that makes much difference, then you haven’t played enough games where it is a matter of being able to endure just long enough to scrape by with a victory, and you question with every decision whether or not that’ll help you survive or end up costing everything. That’s the best sort of solo experience, in my books.


The Last Lighthouse: Strange Shores Expansion

The shore looks different than before. You used to have every crooked tree and worn pebble memorized, but as the nightmares attack things look… strange. Has your lighthouse changed? Is it all in your mind?

This might be one of the most exciting 3-card expansions I’ve ever seen, as it takes the base game and changes absolutely no rules. What it does is provide 3 alternative Lighthouses, each with a different starting health and a different ability that can trigger to give you an edge. Think you can last long enough to survive with only 4 health instead of 6? It might be possible, as long as you can trigger its recovery effect in a turn. If you love expansions that integrate seamlessly and provide new strategies, this would be a great little one to have.

Dangerous Space: P2-777, Commandeer Mission

P2-777 no longer endures the old nicknames the humans gave him. He’s earned his preferred moniker of Pete.

A new character enters the fray this week, and you won’t want to miss out on this robotic hero. He has a fairly well-rounded set of gear upgrades to work his way through, lending him some really strong usefulness. And he’ll need that in order to overcome the pair of threats that follow him around, as the Sharp Psychic reduces dice if you have an unused booster, while the Elite Pirate shuts off your skills while he’s activated and can remove uncollected items from the map with low Evil Dice rolls. Consider yourself warned, P2-777’s entry is not likely to be an easy stroll through the R.O.A.M. Station!



Game of the Week: Micro Bots Duel on sale for just $4!

Micro Bots is a strategic duelling game where you must outmanoeuvre, and outwit, your opponent. Card effects (attacking, moving, etc.) become more powerful based on the number of cards you have previously placed. So the order you play your cards determines your strategy - do you hold back your big attacks for maximum firepower, or deplete your opponent’s defences with a first strike?

Plan your actions in advance and execute them to try and execute your opponent’s bot before they cause your own to short circuit. This fast and fun little game will have you considering not only what you want your bot to do, but also how fast since the cards have initiative values on them. Maybe you really want to make sure you act first, so you choose a less-optimal card to play before they can maneuver out of your grasp. You can also spend resources to upgrade your cards, expanding your options on future turns. If you enjoy head-to-head dueling games, then Micro Bots Duel is sure to be a delight.

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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