New Games for April 5th, 2024 - Retrieve the Kraken Pancakes on Hissy Fit Island

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Hissy Fit - Letter Sized
  • Hissy Fit- A4 Sized
  • Island Alone
  • Monsters over Pancakes
  • Dangerous Space: P2-777 Retrieve Mission
  • Dungeon Pages: Solzo (Devout Druid) in The Brothers Canals

Hissy Fit - Letter Sized

It’s time to take your cat to the vet. But your feline doesn’t know what’s good for it, and is going to fight you the whole way! This will require some careful coaxing…

Work together with up to three friends or family members to help corral your feline friend and get it into the carrier before it claws you too much…or breaks into a hissy fit. Combo cards together to maximize your action effectiveness, try to stay one step ahead of the cat in order to lock down a win. If you like games where working together is strongly encouraged - and allows for powerful, clever plays, then you won’t want to miss this game. Skip it at risk of breaking down into your own hissy fit.


Hissy Fit- A4 Sized

It’s time to take your cat to the vet. But your feline doesn’t know what’s good for it, and is going to fight you the whole way! This will require some careful coaxing…

It gets tough to have something meaningful to say when the file is the same but slightly different. It is awesome to have printing options to suit your needs, regardless of which paper size you tend to make use of at your home printer. I’ll just reiterate here that this game is soloable, but the experience will be even more enjoyable if you are able to fill some of the chairs at the table. If you enjoy animal themes, clever gameplay, and a fun challenge then you’ll want to check out Hissy Fit.


Island Alone

You are on a deserted island far away from civilization. Your task is first and foremost to survive.

Explore through an island, gathering resources to try and survive long enough and gain enough points to be victorious. Use dice to move and to collect those resources, including the special survival points on some spaces if you use the number shown. Keep an eye to your food and water supplies so that you do not die of hunger over the course of the game, and put your other resources to use to build smoke signals, knives, tents, rafts, and more to help you maximize your efficiency. If you enjoy a competitive exploration game, you won’t want to miss out on this little game.


Monsters over Pancakes

Embark on a thrilling adventure filled with monsters, bravery, and, of course, pancakes in ‘Monsters Over Pancakes’! Assemble your party, choosing from a range of themed characters like the spicy Fired Up Rat or the goopy Slime Cube, and dive into the treacherous dungeon. With strategic dice battles and clever use of items, players must defeat a series of monsters while ensuring at least one party member remains standing to savor the victory feast of pancakes.

Explore the dungeon with your monstrous heroes, setting out to gain the ultimate objective: eating pancakes. Who could say no to that? Dungeon exploration is simple, letting you flip another card in the layout as you progress along the unknown path. Sometimes you’ll flip a lucky encounter and be able to breeze through, while others might challenge you a bit more. Roll dice for the battles and resolve using the fancy custom dice - or dice cards instead - in order to resolve the strategic battles. If you love short and simple solo games with some good decisions along the way, don’t miss out on this one.


Dangerous Space: P2-777 Retrieve Mission

P2-777 no longer endures the old nicknames the humans gave him. He’s earned his preferred moniker of Pete.

His task here is simple: collect the two databits within the map and reach the exit. However, his tricks are centered more around survivability and flexibility in combat rather than in manipulating numbers or moving far, so you might feel a little pressed when taking on this challenge. Thankfully, you may find he’s more than capable of clearing a path through anything in his way, and with some extra health that you can unlock, there’s no need for him to dance around taking some of the more direct routes through the map.


Dungeon Pages: Solzo (Devout Druid) in The Brothers Canals

When Solzo comes above ground from his nesting ritual he’s always eager to learn new spells and to visit the food hall. Great magic makes a great appetite.

Solzo's connection to the underground world allows him to move quickly through the dungeon. This powerful effect will help when grabbing items too! The art on this character is so fun it would be easy to think Solzo was just a cute a fluffy hero. But don't miss the introduction of the new Elemental Earth ability. It's quite versatile.




Game of the Week: What’s Kraken on sale for just $2!

The kraken wakes! Unfortunately for your pirate ship, it has its sights set on a crunchy hull snack. Do you have the wits and luck to defeat it and come away a wealthy victor? Or will you join Davy Jones at the ocean floor? Attack the kraken, dive for treasure and resources, repair your ship. Survival is required, wealth is the goal.

A roll-and-write game where you are racing against time, so to speak, in order to defeat the kraken before it destroys your ship. But that would be too straight-forward, so you also need to dive underwater and collect treasure in order to earn points and materials to help repair your ship as it inevitably sustains damage. Featuring an interesting use of polyomino shapes based on die rolls, this one will have you juggling a few things and trying to do them well in order to not just survive, but to win!

Check out Games of the Week here:

See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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