New Games for April 12th, 2024 - Cats Burgle the Roving Food Trucks in the depths of the P2-777 Toongeon

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It's New Game Friday David Wiley (Cardboard Clash) is here to tell us about the new games.

Here’s what is new this week:
  • Roll & Meow: The Cat Burglars
  • Toongeon Dice
  • The Great Food Truck Assembly
  • Dangerous Space: P2-777 Eliminate Mission


Roll & Meow: The Cat Burglars

Mythvandar is a land full of magic and mysteries, where there are no humans. Instead, magical animals live there, each with their own unique talent and specialization. In Mythvanadar, diversity and harmony between different species prevail, allowing each of them to develop their skills. The land is full of beautiful landscapes and mysterious places that await discovery by the brave and curious. Among the animals that inhabit the land are cats, who are born thieves. They are not only quiet, agile, and clever, but they can also use their magical abilities to enhance their attributes. For this reason, their potential victims try to secure themselves against theft in every possible way. Among them, the most valuable are the possessions of the powerful magicians known as the Ravens, whose nooks and crannies hide many priceless artifacts.

Prepare yourselves for heisting and hijinx, using dice to navigate through in order to steal three treasures. Beware, though, as there are ghostly guards patrolling around, and traps that might trigger the alarm. You come cloaked in a spell to mask your movement but it has a time limit and, if it wears off, it cannot be recast. You’ll want to balance speed and safety as you navigate through, hoping to get exactly what you need along the way to get in, pick the locks, steal the treasures, and get back out. Completely playable solo, or with others, this is a feline caper you won’t want to pass upon.


Toongeon Dice

Being an evil dungeon is not easy nowadays, especially when the adventurers are getting stronger and better prepared to raid your rooms and steal your treasures. Well, it’s time to get down to business and fill your guts with the best monsters and traps to take on these pesky adventurers!

Collect crystals by being strategic with your deployment of the dice, and use those crystals to either upgrade into better quality crystals, or to purchase monsters and traps for your dungeon. Those monsters and traps earn you points, making them invaluable for your success - but there’s a small twist: each type has a limit, so you can’t just save up to buy a ton of the most lucrative things to fill your dungeon. After all, who wouldn’t get tired of adventuring through a dungeon that was filled with nothing but Mimics. After about the fourth one, you’d be over it and skip all the treasures you see along the way. If you want to experience a game where you play as the dungeon to compete in filling out your devious wares, don’t miss out on Toongeon Dice.


The Great Food Truck Assembly

Welcome to the 20th Annual Street Food Fair! Every year Food Truck vendors from all across the state arrive ready to sell delicious delights - but none of them know where to park their vehicles. Several of the Food Trucks have asked for your help in finding the best parking spaces. But beware! There are a lot of Food Trucks to remember, and some are hidden behind other trucks. Even worse, your opponent is trying to find the best spaces for their group of Food Trucks and might just frustrate your plans.

With a small footprint, this is a perfect grab-and-go game to play with a friend. With every move making an impact on the grid in some way, the gameplay is fast and dynamic as you are shifting cards around to get them lined up perfectly. Because one small move can have a huge effect on the board state, that makes this a really interactive game with a fun theme, clever multi-use card mechanics, and a package that could be played on a food truck itself. Don’t miss out on your chance to direct traffic at this food fair!


Dangerous Space: P2-777 Eliminate Mission

P2-777 no longer endures the old nicknames the humans gave him. He’s earned his preferred moniker of Pete.

Here is where our beloved ‘bot, Pete, is going to shine. He can deliver and receive quite a bit of punishment in battle, making him perfectly suited to take down the boss threat. Unfortunately, this boss will not go quietly into that gentle night, as it is going to remove extra time on each turn when it is not attacked. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the Vicious Watcher also makes you set aside an unused die every time it damages you, crippling your options as you attempt to take it down. You might need to invest in Pete’s Combat Expert skill so you can boost your attack dice by 1 to compensate.



Game of the Week: Rove on sale for just $1!

As a ROVE (Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer) you’re used to surveying the fringes of space, but now you’ve crash-landed on an unfamiliar planet. You’ll need to reconfigure your reusable modules to get to safety.

Brought to you by the designer of Skulls of Sedlec (a great little game), this one is sure to provide even more spatial puzzle delight. In it you are trying to fulfill seven missions to win, and to do that you play movement cards to shift the modules around on the board and trying to get them into the correct pattern to complete the current mission. That sounds easy, but it is far more challenging than you’d think since there are different ways to move, based on the card played. Plus there’s a way to get extra movement if you match the pattern shown when playing the card - encouraging you to plan ahead and try to line things up for a spectacular move. Add in some one-time abilities on each module and you’ve got a recipe for fun.

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See you next week with more information on our newest print and play games!

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